Allergies :Toddler allergic to tomatoes nearly died after sticking his finger in another child’s ketchup

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  • Ruben Curie, two, it swelled up so badly that he could no longer breathe well
  • His family Rhondda in Wales feared he would die after playing sauce
  • transferred to a hospital and treated with doses of steroids and antihistamines
  • The reaction was installed after 20 minutes, but did not look himself until the next morning
  • parents will not take you to McDonalds because ‘is not ketchup everywhere “

a little boy with a severe allergy to tomatoes was taken to hospital after the ketchup nearly killed him.

Ruben Curie, two from Rhondda in Wales, he went into anaphylactic shock after he put his finger on a dinner of his brother.

his parents kasie and Wayne Curie say never lead to McDonalds after fearing he would die during the reaction.

The moment little Ruben, two, was rushed to hospital by ambulance after touching the tomato ketchup

At the time little Ruben, two, was taken to hospital by ambulance after touching tomato sauce

Kasie Curie, 24, feared son Ruben, two, would die after he swelled up so much he could hardly breathe

Kasie Curie, 24, feared son Ruben, two, die after he swelled so much that I could hardly breathe

The child was only one year old when his face and tongue swelled so badly that he could not breathe properly.

Madame Curie, 24, he said. “When I saw her face was so swollen honestly thought I would die ‘

was in September 2013 when his other dinner served children with ketchup tomato Ruben touched the sauce and got a small piece at the end of your finger.

his mother wiped off the ketchup and put to bed.

later that night, when his brother, Craig, four, started making a lot of noise up Mr. Curie, 40, she went to check on him.

quickly turned to Ruben in his arms that had gone into anaphylactic shock .

Ruben is still smiling despite the sore itchy patches of eczema on his cheeks Ruben with his mother Kasie Curie, 24, from Rhondda in Wales - who was terrified she would lose her son

Ruben (left) was diagnosed with eczema that scratched until they bleed and (right) with his mother Kasie

his worried mother said, “I was hysterical. I could not look at him.

“My husband had to stay with him while he waited outside and called the ambulance. I was so scared that we might lose him. ”

He was taken by ambulance to hospital where doctors gave her steroids and antihistamines.

Within 20 minutes his face had been established and was able to breathe normally.

Madam Curie said: “We got high rather quickly as her face was no longer so swollen

‘It was not until the next morning when it started to look like himself again.. ‘

Doctors suggest that tomatoes may have been the cause.

To prevent the child from a severe reaction at all of their food has to be prepared especially for the nursery.

Ruben (centre) with his dad Wayne, brother Craig, four, mother Kasie, newborn 10-week-old baby sister Daisy and older sister Faith, five. The family feared the little boy might die after getting the ketchup on his finger

Ruben (center) with his father Wayne, brother Craig, four, mother Kasie, newborn sister baby 10 weeks old, and older sister Margarita Fe five. the family feared that the child may die after getting ketchup on my finger

Ruben Curie's face is sore and scratched because of the eczema on his cheeks As a baby Ruben was initially diagnosed with acne before the doctor's realised it was eczema

the child was initially diagnosed with acne, but doctors later found to be suffering from eczema

‘the thought of him playing one of the other children tomatoes or tomato sauce still scares me and we are always on the edge.

“We steer clear or places like McDonalds because we know it’s going to be tomato sauce everywhere. “

She added:”. I was surprised that something as simple as tomato sauce could have a reaction of this type “

When the spin tomatoes mortal

the development of an allergy to tomatoes or products tomato is “extremely rare”, according to the Health Line.

Clinicians believe that a person with a tomato allergy is also prone to allergic reactions with other Solanaceae, including potatoes, snuff and eggplant.

Healthline also say people with a tomato allergy have a cross latex also (latex-fruit syndrome) reaction.

despite their rarity, there has been some tragedy with allergies tomato. in 2004, a woman from Kent suffered an allergic reaction to the monster tomatoes and died while she is preparing dinner for her four children.

French Raya was opening a can of spaghetti bolognese, when tomatoes in the sauce sent her into anaphylactic shock.

The 37-year-old from Tankerton in Kent, was taken to hospital after she collapsed, but never regained consciousness.

She was left to die four days later, when the family decided it had no chance of survival.

He took a year for the family to realize that Ruben had an allergy to red fruit as was initially diagnosed with acne.

The child appeared stains scratch when he was a few weeks old to the point that it would be covered in blood.

This afternoon led doctors to diagnose eczema and was prescribed emollient cream Diprobase and then steroids, but skin problems was getting progressively worse.

Madame Curie, said: “It was horrible for us to see and was one of the happiest babies could never see when he was not scratching, but it was very distressed by it..”

her parents realized that foods containing tomatoes left the child with hives all over your skin.

‘We cut all the tomatoes out of your diet, and this seemed to help with most of their symptoms, “added Madame Curie.

Since the incident of ketchup, which has had three anaphylactic incidents despite his eagle-eyed parents maintain constant surveillance on him.

“he went into shock after eating one cooked grain.

‘put it in his mouth and started getting hives and other symptoms. “

The incidents were not as severe as with tomato sauce, but still he was taken to hospital.

other children of Mrs. Curie Craig, four, and faith, five, know how severe allergy Ruben so be sure to keep anything containing tomato away from him.

latest addition to the pair of 13-week-old baby daisy, will be taught when he is old enough . Ruben can not be touched by what could be a deadly tomato

Madame Curie said, ‘He’s an amazing kid and would not change at all

.’ I worry tomatoes entering contact with him, but I think as he gets older he’ll just stay out of his way. “

Ruben with his older brother Craig who raised the alarm to his parents on the night of the allergic reaction Ruben hugging brother Craig, four, who raised the alarm on the night of the allergic reaction

Ruben, two, pictured with his older brother, Craig, four, who raised the alarm on the night of allergic [19459008reaction] His parents (pictured) have decided not to take Ruben to McDonalds because there is 'ketchup everywhere'

His parents (pictured) have decided not to take Ruben to McDonalds because it is not ‘ketchup everywhere “

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