All you need to know about a Root Canal Treatment


What is treatment conduit?

decay of a tooth due to the cavity at some point is inevitable. Problem begins when the decomposition process to be so deep that the tooth is badly infected and abscesses may form, usually in the center of the tooth.

This is a time when you have to see a dentist for a root canal. A root canal treatment usually involves removing the nerves are dead and pulp that has formed in the area. The infected tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and fixed thereafter.

The nerve is removed during this process has an important role to play in the health of the teeth. So even after the nerve has been removed, your daily activities will not be impeded. Only the feeling of heat or cold will be affected because of it, which is the main function of a nerve it is to provide sensation.

Some signs that a root canal

Some of the typical symptoms that indicate a root canal treatment are
* Terrible pain in the tooth
* An increased sensitivity to heat or cold
* the formation of dental abscesses
* Swollen gums
* times darkening of the tooth

root canal – What happens during treatment

You can visit any dentist for a root canal symptom. After examination, the dentist will tell the extent to which the tooth is infected. A more serious treatment is usually performed by an endodontist. An endodontist is an expert on issues related to human dental pulp and nerve of the tooth. A good dentist can provide treatment only by an experienced clinical endodontist.


X-rays: X-rays would be done to determine the severity of the problem. This helps when assessing whether the area or surrounding bones have been affected by the problem
Anesthesia: .. A can be administered anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth to relieve pain and uncomfort during treatment
rubber dam: the dentist will place a rubber sheet around the tooth to keep it dry saliva
drilling :. the dentist drill your tooth precisely to create an access hole in the tooth. Pulp and nerves therefore will be removed during the procedure. The debris is removed with water or sodium hypochlorite
Sealed :. After a thorough cleaning, the tooth is sealed. There are usually one week separation between cleaning and sealing, the dentist can put a temporary filling. But nevertheless. Less serious cases can be sealed on the same day
sealed ends .. During the next appointment, the dentist will fill permanently the tooth with a mastic and a rubber compound called gutta percha
Restoration: Restoration end tooth includes putting a crown on the tooth to prevent breakage or other problems.

root canals are a very successful treatment for severe decay to the tooth. Treatments can last a long time and sometimes depending lifetime care you do.

Prevention of root canal treatment

Because dental procedures decay, trauma or frequent may result in the breakdown of a nerve of the tooth and inflammation of the pulp the practice of oral hygiene – brushing, flossing is vital to the overall health of the teeth. While enjoying physical activities of high risk, trying to protect his mouth wearing a mouthguard.

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