All-essential potassium

Our bodies need more potassium than any other vitamin or mineral-more every day that calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc combined! Fortunately, sweet bounty of summer fruits rich in potassium makes it easier or meet the daily recommendation of 4,700 mg. Here’s a look at what makes it so vital.

electrolyte support

Potassium is classified as a mineral, but also provides an electrical charge that maintains the right balance within our cells. This feature makes the electrolyte potassium-rich foods a folk remedy for muscle cramps.

blood pressure management

sodium-rich foods are known to increase blood pressure, while foods rich in potassium help lower it. Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in potassium is the most effective diet to improve your blood pressure strategy.

Protect your heart

Our dietary sodium to potassium ratio has recently been identified as an independent risk factor for heart disease. It is possible that a high ration of potassium to sodium is simply the marker healthier diet as the potassium-rich foods are fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains, while sodium comes mainly from food packaged. Today standard American diet it contains twice as much sodium as potassium, while early humans probably consume as much as ten times more potassium than sodium. The most effective strategy to increase your potassium intake is to eat more fresh produce.

Balance your PH

Eat more potassium-rich foods is one of the most effective means for alkalizing your diet. Foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium create a more alkyne environment in our bodies, so it is easier to maintain a neutral pH. Potassium also helps to improve bone health: / diets low in sodium-potassium High contribute to an acidic environment that prompts the body to pull calcium from our bones as a buffer

How much potassium do I need to thrive?

A snapshot of a day rich in potassium in milligrams

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 cup black beans (350), 1/4 of sauce ( 200), corn tortillas, orange juice (375)

morning snack: 1 banana (420)

Lunch: salad green mixed (800) with slices of avocado (450) and hazelnuts (250

Snack: sliced ​​peaches (300) with 1 cup of yogurt (350)

Cena: grilled fish (450), baked potato (600), mixed green salad (800)

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