All About the Greatness of Coconut Oil Coffee

Coconut oil in coffee has a lot of amazing benefits. You can help burn fat, help maintain focus and alertness, and give you more energy when working.

The coffee is quite nice, and jumpstarts your day. I used to think that I also serve to quit, but I was wrong.

Although not addicted to coffee, when not had in the morning, I felt the lack of satisfaction. Then I thought about it and the habit is restarted. I’ve been drinking coffee since. I even took a new level of greatness.

I felt really good “starve” myself.

call me my dose of caffeine in the morning, my cup of “starvation mode”. That’s my form of comedy to answer all those who criticize me for “starving” myself because I skip breakfast (which is not true, by the way).

Before proceeding, only have a few things I want to remember.

Eating more often will not increase metabolism. This bit of information should allow and help you you can eat whenever you.

Another important fact is that their daily metabolic rate is not quickly locked when you skip a meal. In fact, it increases when you fast, short-term. This misunderstanding comes from the observation of the practices of long-term hunger lasting weeks or months, not to reactions of body-meal-a meal.

metabolism adjusts itself when considering the relationship between calories and energy. When you skip a meal, your metabolism will not drop suddenly. It fits. And when done properly, the opposite can occur, along with other great things.


This is why I love waking up.

During sleep or overnight fast, the body creates a situation in releasing fat is ideal, with insulin levels and blood sugar are lower, however, it remains stable .

Your stored fatty acids are released, waiting to be burned.

Add some coffee, and hormones used to stimulate fat release. Once done, you can start using these fatty acids for energy before breakfast.

Many people have said they experienced other good things that come along with drinking coffee early in the day, before breakfast. More alert, more focused, with higher energy level and a state of more cheerful mood are some of these benefits. But be careful, because if this is not done in moderation, burning can happen.

Although the practice of intermittent fasting, with coffee should not be a problem.

There’s a secret ingredient everyone should know.

People often ask me what you can put in your coffee, and end up talking about fasting, being the focal point of everything.

If you want to be technical about it, if you consume any food or drink, except water, which would end the fast. However, there are other ways to achieve similar or better results.

I experienced a lot through the years, and now I have my simple recipe. It is so simple that I only have a secret ingredient -coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a lot of benefits.

I tried to mix a lot of ingredients with my coffee, but there is nothing like coconut oil. This special oil is composed of the MCT or (medium chain triglycerides), which has a lot of advantages. They can be digested faster, leading to faster access of energy. They promote the production of the ketone, which can be therapeutic and can help retain nitrogen. MCT can also help increase both energy release and increased metabolism. And the MCT can also decrease hunger while suppressing appetite.

This is great advantages of having especially if you consider entering intermittent fasting two meals. They can cause you to make and produce energy that is both stable and immediate, and control your hunger.

Using coconut oil …

First pour the coconut oil in a cup. Use two tablespoons. You should start with a little less. Then mix in the hot coffee, coffee or tea.

sometimes use a French press to brew coffee at home. Sometimes I take my cup of coffee with coconut oil awaits. I finish telling the baristas that what they are seeing is my secret ingredient.

I recommend against adding milk. Choose only the fonts that have fat in the morning.

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