AlgaVia – Algae Based Protein & Lipid Powders

AlgaVia is a new line of protein powders and lipid powders using algae-based ingredients . Here is our opinion AlgaVia.

What is AlgaVia?

AlgaVia is a formation of lipid and protein powders powder using algae-based ingredients . Dust is vegetarian-friendly and contains much less fat than traditional protein-based milk powders.

AlgaVia can be mixed into protein shakes. Alternatively, lipid powders can be used as a substitute for butter oils , and egg yolks in recipes.

If no note, algae is the craziest thing in the vegan world. Algae is packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants and other valuable nutrients. It also can be sustainably harvested worldwide. AlgaVia is one of several major algae supplements that entered the market in 2015.

supplements based on algae is currently being marketed to manufacturers of food and supplement manufacturers. No AlgaeVia currently can be found in stores, although you should start to see in nutritional supplements in the near future.

AlgaVia Supplements

AlgaVia supplements are divided into two categories :. Powders of lipids and proteins

AlgaVia Lipid Powder

Described as flour whole algae, this supplement is a lipid powder which allows you to create healthier foods, vegan environment by eliminating ingredients such as eggs , fats or oils, dairy. Using this powder lipid, you can reduce or eliminate all those ingredients.

Better yet, AlgaVia claims that these ingredients remain the same “soft texture” as traditional ingredients. They also lead to calorie reduction, improved nutrition and fat reduction.

Some of the stated benefits of the product are:

– Reduce total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calorie count of popular foods

– Improves texture, emulsification, water binding and flavor release

– Add fiber and protein to your dishes

– allergen-free, sustainable, natural origin, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan to use, and whole grain foods

flour itself consists of content of 46% fat, 19% fiber, 19% carbohydrates, 9% protein, 4% ash, 2% moisture and simple sugar 1%.

You can make a series of recipes AlgaVia whole Seaweed meal. Some of the recipes listed on the official site include challah bread and Alfredo sauce.

Protein AlgaVia


of AlgaVia described as a set of proteins of algae that offers protein dose with “a rich collection of fiber, lipids and healthy micronutrients. ”

The vegan protein use comes with the following nutritional information:

– All food ingredient

– free of known allergens, no GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian and use

– Contains dietary fiber, healthy fat, and micronutrients

– Contains “highly digestible protein”

– Composed of 63% protein, 19% carbohydrate, 11 % fat, 4% ash, and 3% “humidity”

– the amino acid profile contains high levels of glutamate and arginine along with lower levels of other 16 amino acids (you can see the profile amino full here: )

protein is suitable for use in meal replacement shakes , protein bars, and other protein-based supplements and food.

About AlgaVia

AlgaVia is based in San Francisco, California, at the following address:

225 Gateway Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080

You can call the company at 650-780-4777 or view information contact email here:

in addition to maintaining its headquarters in San Francisco, the company has “additional” operations in Galva, Iowa and Moema, Sao Paulo.

AlgaVia Solazyme is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company dedicated to turning microalgae in sustainable solutions. The company has previously partnered with organizations such as Chevron and the United States Department of Defense to create biodiesel from algae for use in everything from fighter jets to destroyers of the US Navy.

AlgaVia is the leader in the division “food” product company. Other divisions of the company include fuel, industrial and personal care.

In other words, the algae can be used for more than protein powders and lipid powders.

Ultimately, AlgaVia is a novel protein-based algae probably appearing in more and more nutritional supplements and food products in the coming months.

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