Alex Michel’s Mental Waves For Happiness – Relaxing?

Mental Waves® of happiness is a technology that uses different sounds and music to help give a mind and a healthy body. This is our opinion.

What is mental waves for happiness?

brainwaves for happiness is more than a CD with lots of relaxing music, which may be what this product seems at first glance. With years and years of research, the company has determined that there are sound waves that can get some reaction from the different receptors in the brain, which can help relieve several conditions and let drift to sleep peacefully. Specifically, brainwaves uses isochronic tones and binaural beats.

is a well-known sounds, harmonies, melodies and play an important role in mental health done. However, there are very few products that have taken advantage of this resource to try to treat conditions that are affected by them. The way this program is able to give the right level of relaxation is by combining their “conscience”, which is more functional while awake, and relaxation experiences during sleep.

Since you obviously can not sleep and waking at the same time, uses brainwaves of their particular concoction of different sound waves to help achieve that, regardless of the condition they face in their daily lives .

The benefits of using technology Mental Waves

According to the creators of this technology, they are able to experience three specific benefits when the program is used. The first benefit is that you are able to renew the brain’s ability to learn and solve problems. In essence, each type of treatment aims to involve both sides of the brain, which means they are able to be more alert and receptive to new ideas.

The next benefit that can be expected is that the “harmonization” of the waves help with their creativity and efficiency. This means that, with a more relaxed mindset, you open your mind to the most unique and imaginative ideas that would be less receptive to their normal consciousness.

The third and final benefit is that the combination of different sound waves can help your brain to restore lost functions above. This means that parts of the brain that are more receptive to low-frequency noises are able to regenerate physical and mental level. With the program, you should be able to retain memories, memories that includes both long term and short term.

Science of Mental wave technology

brainwave technology uses different brain frequencies for different tasks have in your home. For example, while you sleep, your brain is in delta mode. However, when going to work, your brain is in beta mode. Knowing about these different frequencies and the roles they play in your stress level is the key to getting the maximum level of relaxation.

Many years of research have gone into finding the right sounds to trigger a relaxation response in the brain. At this time, the company has published more than 500 scientific studies and evidence to help prove their methods. The technology is based on a combination of multiple effects, including:

  • psychoacoustics
  • Audio-therapy
  • Audio-stimulation
  • neurostimulation (Neurofeedback / Biofeedback)

manufacturers of brainwaves are very careful to note that the use of this technology is not intended to be used specifically for medical therapy, which is a contradiction to half the titles of their products. Mostly likely, the company chose to warn consumers who need to talk to a doctor for medical treatment to avoid legal action, if none of these methods works correctly.

using brainwaves

with mental waves, you only need to spend 30 minutes a day to simulate the same deep relaxation your brain experiences when they sleep all night.

Further details concerning the use completely depend on which of the many programs that choose to engage in your daily routine, as different sound waves are used for different conditions, which means that the amount of time and regularity listening will have different requirements.

brainwaves and prices

brainwaves have a lot of different programs to help with various areas of your life. Like other therapies, there are no specific products that can cover all areas of his life.

Each of these packages has a different way that helps consumers become relaxed, eliminating stress from your life. Some of the packages are easy to understand, but some need a little more clarity to understand what benefits they can get.

The main packages are the first three products of the lists of the company:

  • superpower meditation: Platinum ($ 129)
    • teaches consumers about all types of altered consciousness.
  • SILVER meditation superpower ($ 49)
    • teaches consumers how to open the “front door” of your subconscious
  • GOLD meditation superpower ($ 79)
    • uses five different frequencies to access your subconscious

in addition to these sets, you can also learn about different forms of meditation, as Schumann medication and Zen meditation. These types of packages ranging from $ 29 to $ 49

Some packages are available that simulate different sounds of nature. Some of these sounds include harmonies as “Sunset on the Beach” and “Warm atmosphere fire.” These sounds are priced from $ 19 to $ 39

multiple conditions are able to be treated with the use of brainwave therapy. Some of the conditions that the program is able to treat are:

  • Addiction ($ 79)
  • Anxiety ($ 39)
  • A weakened immune system ($ 49)
  • chronic fatigue ($ 39)
  • migraines ($ 49)
  • Tinnitus ($ 119)
  • chronic pain ($ 49)
  • addiction snuff ($ 99)
  • low energy ($ 49)
  • Depression ($ 49)
  • Insomnia ($ 49)
  • obesity / overweight ($ 69)
  • the stage fright ($ 39)
  • loss of libido ($ 89)
  • Under athletic performance ($ 29)

while brainwaves developed many products for adults, but are also responsible for creating magical stories of Mary Children. Priced at $ 39, the soundtrack plays classic tales of his childhood with relaxing background music. Alpha and theta waves in the track are able to calm your child after a long and active day. It is designed for children aged three to eight years old.

Contact brainwaves

If you have any questions for manufacturers brainwave technology, will have to fill the online form to receive a response. No other phone number or email that appears to speak with a representative.


The programs are expensive, but the ability to get rid of the conditions that has suffered through worth every penny. If you are unsure if this program works for you, start with one of the packages meditation to help you acclimate to the new style.

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