ALERT: If You Find a Coin Stuck in Your Car Door, Here’s What You NEED to Do!

People around the world have been finding coins stuck randomly into their handles car! . Most people notice don, AOT them at first, as they are often caught in the passenger door, AOS side, where Don, AOT even see them until it, years too late.

turns out, AOS the last trick by thieves to access your vehicle when you least expect it, according to Viewing the sun

Here, AOS how it works :. the thief a coin jams on the door handle on the passenger side car, AOS. Then, they wait for the vehicle owner to show and follow the owner of the house. When the owner tries to lock the car, the mechanism fails because the handle of the passenger door is jammed, which gives the thief’s ability to enter the car through the open door.

If you see a coin Stuck in the door of his car, Here, AOS what to do!

Be sure to check the handle of the passenger door before entering your car to check that no coin has been inserted.

thieves have also been known to hide in the back so that carjack with this method! So it would be better to check the back seat, or even call 911 if the thief has gone up its trunk

For more information on how to prevent car theft, see the video below. It offers precautionary methods on how to prevent theft of this fear

The ALERT :. If you find a coin stuck in the car door, Here, AOS what you need to do! appeared for the first time in life Food and Health .

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