Ahnesti Intuitive Styling Lotion

By Allison G.

I was given the opportunity to try Ahnesti utiliti intuitive Styling Lotion ($ 24 in the shop). While I was excited to try this product styling, it is, I am somewhat ambivalent about what he did for my hair. I am 46 years old and have a chin-length bob. My hair is wavy and has grown thinner as I have done more. It tends to be frizzy during the summer as a hair dryer, especially if dry completely used.

I use the product in the hair every day, because otherwise the hair tends to fall flat. I am someone who appreciates the ability to multitask, so I’m always looking for products that work with my texture, while controlling frizz and providing body and shine. When buying products that tend to stick with styling creams, gels or aerosols in hopes of adding volume and control. I’m all natural ingredients and look for products that are paraben, phthalate-free, oil-free, cruelty free and vegetarian.

When I received the bottle I was pleasantly surprised by the size (6 ounces). Packaging is very simple, and the bottle is plastic with a hinged lid. However, when you open the bottle, I was not excited by the smell. It is very difficult to describe: The smell is on the sweet side, but also has a bit of a chemical smell to it. The creamy texture of the product is good.

The first time you use the intuitive style lotion that is applied to a size amount of one currency and spread through the hair with your fingers. The instructions say that the style as usual, so let my hair air dry. Although the product did give my hair hold and tame frizz, the two things he intends to do in the bottle, my hair is dry crunchy. The second time I applied, I used a little warm, but not blow dry the hair completely. The product was a little better with the addition of heat and my excitement was kept under control, even after drying. The product worked better when I dried my hair and brushed through it later.

The ingredient list is long and impressive for the most part, although there are some things you could do without. Aloe barbadensis is the first ingredient and can be part of the blame for the smell. Aloe is said to restore flexibility and reduce flaking skin and to repair dry hair. Along with gum Xanthan , which provides retention. There is also the root burdock , which supposedly strengthens hair, adds shine, increases satiety and combat hair loss. This product has a variety of flower and plant extracts – calendula, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, rosehip, geranium and honeysuckle -. All you have aromatherapy benefits and many of which are said to strengthen hair and eliminate the accumulation of

The ingredients that I would prefer not to my scalp include 40A SD alcohol, potassium sorbate, citrus extract grandis (grapefruit) and Cananga odorata (ylang-ylang) oil. Both 40A and SD alcohol Citrus grandis get a four on the website of the Environmental Working Group due to concerns about allergies and alarms development. The Cananga odorata and potassium sorbate obtained threes for the same reasons.

Overall, I would say I was impressed with the way this product controlled my frizz and proportionate retention. Besides, I was also impressed with some of the ingredients as they address the overall health of hair and scalp (which is not necessarily obtained product hairstyle). However, I do not feel like this product gave me a lot of body or shine, and given the smell and some of the ingredients, I would not buy this new product. If you are someone who wants to maintain and control the frizz but not needed by the body, this can work for you.

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