After Reading This, You’ll Never Look at a Banana in The Same Way Again!

Bananas contain three types of fiber and natural sugar – sucrose, fructose and glucose. You probably know that this fruit increases your energy instantly. However, energy is not the only thing you can get when you eat a banana, on the other hand this exotic fruit can help you stay fit and healthy.

A number of studies have shown that bananas are very efficient in overcoming and prevention of many diseases and health problems, and today is the number one fruit with athletes world’s most popular – after reading this article, chances are you start saying ‘a banana a day keeps the doctor away “

We have explained some of the main benefits. health can be enjoyed with a single banana.


recent research conducted by mIND (a highly respected and popular charity mental health) involved a group of people struggling with depression. the results showed that respondents were much felt better after eat a banana.

bananas are rich in tryptophan, which is then converted into serotonin, known for its ability to relax the body, improve mood and make you feel more happy. This is an excellent backup to the investigation, he said the imbalance of serotonin can cause depression. Actually, serotonin is often called “the hormone of happiness.”


Bananas are rich in fiber, so regular consumption can restore normal bowel function, eliminating any need for laxatives.

blood pressure

The coincidence between the high potassium and low salt contained in bananas is quite surprising, and makes this fruit a powerful natural aid in the treatment of hypertension. Food and Drug Administration US He has now allowed the banana industry as a whole to make official statements regarding the ability of this fruit to reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.


banana milkshake or smoothie is the perfect remedy for the terrible hangovers. It is super fast, easy and healthy, and you can also add some honey to sweeten. This fruit has a calming effect on the stomach, and when combined with a little honey can rebuild the level of depleted blood sugar, and milk will soothe efficient and rehydrate the body.


Banana is the superior food for people suffering from intestinal disorders, especially due to the soft and smooth texture. the stomach lining is covered and therefore neutralizes any acidity and irritation.


Studies have shown that bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body. Try treating a heartburn attack with a banana, and enjoy fast, natural and soothing relief.


Some good news for all ladies – throw the pills away! A single banana is sure to improve your mood, because high levels of vitamin B6 regulate their blood sugar in the blood.


Bananas are rich in several B vitamins, essential for the nervous system. The Australian Institute of Psychology conducted a study that found pressure at work can make you reach for comfort foods like chocolate or chips. The study involved 5,000 hospital patients, and the researchers found the most obese patients had a high pressure job.

In their report, the researchers concluded that “to avoid food cravings induced panic, we need to control our blood sugar levels in the blood by snacking on high in carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady. ” So be sure to take a banana with you when you go to work.


Bananas are rich in iron, which is essential for stimulating production of hemoglobin in the blood, so this fruit is a natural aid in the treatment of anemia.

mosquito bites:

Banana skin can be an incredible alternative to creams insect bite when it comes to treating bites -JUST mosquitoes irritating rub the inside of a banana peel directly on the affected area.

This is a natural way to reduce swelling and irritation.

Temperature Control

In some cultures bananas as a fruit ‘cool’ are recognized, considered powerful in reducing physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In Thailand, pregnant women eat bananas on a regular daily basis to make sure the baby is born with a cool temperature.

Morning Sickness

Bananas are the perfect snack between meals. They will help to maintain the level of blood sugar and significantly reduce morning sickness.

Brain Power

A study in 2013, in a school in Twickenham, England, involved more than 200 students who had exams. Students ate bananas for breakfast in mid-morning break and lunch. The study found that this fruit significantly helped students with their energy and concentration, which is in favor of research that found that high potassium helps students learn better, making them more alert.

Bananas are a natural remedy for different conditions. Compared with an apple, one banana has four times more protein, carbohydrates twice, three times the phosphorus, five times more vitamin A and iron, and twice more vitamins and minerals other.

This fruit is rich in potassium, and health experts recognized as one of the most valuable and nutritious food.

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