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ADDYS Focus described as a supplement approach and concerted action to help supercharge your brain. Here is our approach ADDYS examination.

What is ADDYS Focus?

ADDYS Focus is a nutritional supplement that promises to help you target symptoms of ADHD.

The use of natural ingredients, ADDY Focus claims to raise your attention and concentration through a “mixture of ingredients elite”.

Priced at $ 19.95 for encapsulation 60, ADDYS Focus is one of the most competitive prices nootropics we have seen to date online.

ADDYS Focus is also one of the few supplements that actually lists the complete list of ingredients along with the dosage information -. Something that is surprisingly rare that nootropics industry

The supplement is distributed better health, which sells a number of nutritional supplements online through

How does ADDYS focus work?

ADDYS Focus describes how “integrates a powerful combination of natural ingredients to increase attention and concentration,” which gives a mixture of elite ingredients enhance mental energy and resistance to amplify his performance without an accident.

Key ingredients include 14 different compounds nootropics we’ve seen in a lot of other nootropics. Each ingredient is accompanied by specific dosing information.

Some of the most active ingredients include Bacopa monnieri, an ayurvedic treatment used to increase cognitive energy. There are also 200 mg of choline bitartrate, which plays a crucial role in the formation of new memories and has been clinically proven to help boost memory in clinical trials.

There is also a strong dose (400 mg) of piracetam and 5 mg of vinpocetine, both of which are popular nootropic ingredients that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in numerous studies to date.

Basically, ADDYS Focus combines 14 of the best, most tested compounds in the world today in a convenient supplement nootropics.

With all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at ADDYS Focus ingredients.

ADDYS Focus Ingredients

– 125mg of Bacopa monnieri : This has been shown to improve the ability to learn and retain new information. The typical dose of Bacopa monnieri is 300 mg , assuming a 55% content by weight Bacoside. At this dose, numerous studies have shown that it can improve memory, increase attention and reduce anxiety. Although the dose of ADDYS focus is on the recommended dose, which remains stronger than we have seen in many competing nootropics doses to date.

– 100 mg of Rhodiola rosea : This adaptogen promises to increase mental performance and concentration, helps increase energy and decrease mental fatigue in patients. as reports, “The use of Rhodiola as a preventative against daily fatigue has been reported to be effective in as low as 50 mg dose.” Stronger reducing fatigue has been reported with doses of 300-600 mg.

– 200mg Choline Bitartrate: choline bitartrate is typically taken at doses between 250 mg and 500 mg. In numerous scientific studies and clinical trials to date, choline bitartrate has indicated a powerful effect on human memory at this dose. The reason it works is because choline bitartrate increases levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in his mind, and that neurotransmitter is used to create new memories.

– 400 mg of Piracetam : This nootropic has been shown to play a key role in improving learning, memory and cognitive function without causing toxicity. The dose is relatively small ADDYS Focus, as typical human dose is 1200 to 4800mg per day. At this dose, piracetam has given us ample evidence that can reduce cognitive decline, enhance cognition, and improve memory.

– 200 mg of phosphatidylserine : This is a type of fat (a phospholipid) used in cells found throughout the human body. It plays a key role in many cognitive processes.

– phenylalanine 100 mg: This is an essential amino acid that gets converted to L-tyrosine after entering the body. amino acids such as L-tyrosine help produce essential brain chemicals like dopamine, epinephrine and thyroid hormones.

– 100 mg of L-tyrosine :. Besides phenylalanine (done became L-tyrosine in the body), includes a straight ADDYS Focus 100 mg of L-tyrosine

dose – 100 mg of acetylcarnitine :. An amino acid that occurs naturally in the body to increase cellular energy

– 80 mg of Cha’de Injun: Personally, we have never seen this ingredient strange name in any nootropic to date. If you look a little deeper, you discover that it is a Brazilian tree and contains caffeine. Focus ADDYS manufacturer states that “it is reported to be more potent than caffeine to boost mental and physical energy, while at the same time does not give the typical” accident “often reported with stimulants.” WebMD.Com reports that the ingredient is not sufficiently studied and “do not know enough about Cha de Bugre know how it could work for any medical use.”

– 50 mg extract Cacao Seed: contains alkaloids such as theobromine and caffeine

– 90 mg of caffeine :.. This is roughly the same amount of caffeine that you would find in a cup of coffee

– 5 mg of vinpocetine : An extract of the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine is typically used at a low dose of 5 mg, and the average daily doses ranging from 15-60 mg. At these doses, it has been shown to be one of the most effective nootropic promote cognition, attention and memory.

– 50 mg of Panax Ginseng Ginseng is an ancient Chinese herb used to improve memory, increase cognitive energy, and increase endurance. Although ginseng elements of modern scientific evidence is limited, you will find plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting their benefits among users nootropics.

– 50 mg of Ginkgo Biloba affects the circulatory system to increase oxygen flow to the brain, possibly helping to relieve headaches, reduce forgetfulness, improve the state of alert, and improve memory. informs Mayo Clinic that over 18 years old are recommended to take 240-600 mg of ginkgo biloba extract daily when used to treat memory loss associated with aging.

ADDYS pricing approach

ADDYS Focus is priced at $ 19.95 and is available exclusively to sort through

The company offers free shipping for orders over $ 50. You do not get a discount when ordering several bottles of ADDYS Focus. The price is always going to be $ 19.95.

You can also order ADDYS Focus by phone at 800-638-4141 or by filling out online forms on this page .

About Better Health

Better Health is a retailer of nutritional supplements that sells a variety of nootropics, food supplements, joint cholesterol supplements, and sports nutrition products online through MiBetterHealth. com.

The about us company page describes how they want “to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements at the most competitive prices.”

The company is officially known as Better Health Products and lists its address official mail such as:

Better Health Products
101 Washington Suite 313
Grand Haven, MI 49417

You can contact the company by phone at 800-638-4141 or via email form here:

ADDYS approach should you use to boost their cognitive ability?

Ultimately, ADDYS Focus is one of best nootropic supplements we have reviewed. The supplement is transparent about its ingredients and doses and also comes with a surprisingly competitive price tag, a price of only $ 20 for a supply of 30 days.

is most important ingredients, ADDYS approach contains scientifically verified as choline bitartrate, piracetam, and vinpocetine. They are not extremely high doses of any of these ingredients, but they are at the lower end of the recommended dosage range.

If you are an experienced user nootropic, then you can find ADDYS Focus underpowered. But if you are looking for your first nootropic to try, then ADDYS Focus contains ingredients that appear legitimate increase its focus and increase your memory with few side effects or drawbacks. A $ 20, which is one of the best supplements nootropics value we’ve seen.

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