Acupuncture can reduce menopausal woes


Menopause comes with a lot of problems and discomfort, while it is inevitable for all women, their effects can be greatly reduced. A study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reveals that acupuncture can reduce symptoms of menopause by 36%.

Common problems of menopause are hot flashes and night sweats, which are very uncomfortable. The study has shown that such symptoms can be reduced by acupuncture treatment.

Nancy Avis, lead author of the research says that while acupuncture may not work for all women, but for those who work, can reduce the frequency of hot flashes and effects can persist up to six months post-treatment.

209 women between the ages of 45-60 who have not had their periods of 3 months and have experienced hot flashes and night sweats about 4 times a day in a couple of weeks earlier participated in the experiment study.

Participants underwent evaluations and were divided into two groups. Women in the first group received acupuncture treatment for six months and the next six months are not subject to any treatment. The second group was no treatment for the first six months and the second six months were treated with acupuncture.

The participants underwent 20 acupuncture sessions over the course of six months and also keep a diary to record the frequency of hot flashes and other symptoms. They were also asked to complete questionnaires on various symptoms in an interval of two months.

At the end of six months, it was found that the first group experienced a 36.7% less frequent hot flashes and the effect continued for another six months, with 29% reduction from baseline measurements.

Participants in the second group suffered 6% increase in symptoms during the first six months when not treated, but in the second half of the race, when they underwent acupuncture treatment, there was a reduction 31% in their symptoms.

Avis added that there are many non-hormonal treatments to reduce the effects of menopause, but there is no guarantee they will work for all women.

The study published in the journal Menopause- ANI suggests that acupuncture is an effective option to treat menopausal problems without side effects.

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