Abs After 40 – Workout Program For Men Over 40

ABS after 40 is a training system designed to help people (actually , mostly men) over 40 years the rise of a seat core and ripped abs. Is this possible for most men, and the program works? We’ll see.

The man behind Abs Over 40


After 40 Abs product markets are used some tactics you’ve seen clickbait websites: man of 80 years with a six pack. You’re supposed to think “well if you can do it, then what’s my excuse?”

spokesman program is an old “grandfather” 53 years old who not only looks cut and amazing for her age, but also completely transformed his body in just 3 years. His name is Mark and 49 years was quite flabby, especially in the abdominal area. I was not completely general obese, but his belly was quite bulky.

What happens to men after 40?

Like he explains, as you get older it is harder and harder to exercise or exercise a priority. the years have been marked by and is in very bad condition. he explains that many of the movements of exercises and routines are online are aimed at younger men. at 40 years and beyond that can really hurt if not careful. that’s because your body is different at that point and more fragile.

also explains that it is difficult for older men to start new diet routines- wives cook for them and hard to get them to change, etc. The point is, everything is pretty overwhelming for men over 40 years to try to get into shape.

How the Abs Over 40 program solves these problems

The Abs program Over 40 responds to all these concerns and even uses some scare tactic to entice consumers to try the product. “If you do not do something about it, it is only going to get worse increasingly”

“Belly fat is not only unattractive, that puts you at risk for many deadly diseases.” Belly fat, according to Mark, inhibits such pleasures of life, such as playing with the grandchildren, attracting women, sexual endurance life, and more.

Marcos promises are not just men “One simple thing” to do to win your body six pack abs. It insinuates that has to do with fixing a deterioration hormonal system. Men begin losing testosterone even into their late 20s and by the time they are in their 40s was significantly reduced. This affects muscle mass and body fat as well, so fixing hormones should lead to a leaner, more muscular body.

Mark is a fitness model, and he discovered how to turn everything around by trial and error. Personal trainers and fitness assistance did not work for him. He says it’s no one’s fault that these methods do not work. It is simply that one thing they should do differently than missing in his life.

Most of the workouts do not help older men lose belly FAT- can work for younger men but not for older men. He says that testosterone is the only simple thing that determines whether an older man will abs . That’s why no matter how an older man can work out, and how well you eat, belly fat will not go away until he ups your testosterone levels.

Program Details

Therefore, the program Abs For 40 hinges around this fact. Includes the following components:

– hormone rejuvenation Exercise personalized plan for men over 40
– workouts that are 100 Movements% compounds with free weights
– diet consisting of foods that brings reality hormones in balance of a man

These pieces are synthesized phases of Abs with the program 40 in the following order:

– First phase: the fat loss Jumpstart
– Second phase: Male hormone Optimization
– stage: Full-Auto fat burning mode

compound movements are recommending things like squats and deadlift. Apparently, these are difficult moves that are dangerous for older men. Mark has customized these movements of gymnastics for men over so there is no danger (or less danger) injury. Resistance training is necessary for the construction of testosterone naturally, so programs like P90X cardio will not help older men.

are warned of the danger of TRT, which is a therapy testosterone replacement . His method, in contrast, is natural and safe.

The program costs $ 97 for now, and after 500 men purchase price will rise to $ 197, as indicated on the website of the product.

The verdict

I have to say that this type of Mark makes sense. His emphasis on natural building testosterone and a healthy diet, resistance training more adapted all makes sense. If you know anything about body building you will know what he is saying and selling is fair. It can be a little expensive, but still cheaper than a gym.

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