A Woman with Two Vaginas but no G-Spot

We turn to the right of the vagina “is not something one would expect to hear in a loving, monogamous relationship. In particular, when” right “does not refer to” correct “, but” the opposite of the left “.

But Hazel Jones sexual life ‘is full of things that usually do not hear, especially because she was born with two vaginas, located right next to each other.

The condition is called uterus Didelphys, and the chances of having such a condition are more than one in a million. She did not know she had the condition to grow, because it is not so easy to see from the outside, for example, two penises.

Hazel first noticed the condition when he became a teenager and started menstruation, as she actually had two periods. After asking a friend if you ever had trouble knowing “what hole to put it in,” her friend thought it meant your ass.

The shame of that particular change took Hazel silent over the next four years or so, until the condition was brought up by her boyfriend.

Now she says she manages the condition correctly, and does not create too many problems more -. Other than having two periods, of course

But back to the “right” vagina. Vaginas are not exactly the same, with the slightly smaller left, which means she prefers the right. While there was the possibility of surgery, she refused because of the risks and intensive procedures after the operation, which are similar to a person who has undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Sex itself is fine now, they say, but because of the partition separating the two vaginas covering her G-spot, you have to take a different and obvious way to orgasm.

She has gone on Reddit, get the Internet to “ask anything” about the disease your boyfriend -. That goes by the name of Reddit ‘twicethefun’ – also went online to clarify some of the most laddy questions’ ‘that inevitably had internet


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