A Recipe With a Better Effect Than Aspirin: Treats All Diseases

We all know the many benefits of garlic for health, because of its amazing properties. In combination with two favorable ingredients, you get a miraculous mixture that offers a wide variety of health benefits.


This recipe should become a regular part of your diet, and soon extraordinary positive effects on your health will feel. Garlic contains which operates by a positive effect on blood clotting. Add to that the benefits of pepper and honey, the recipe is very effective in preventing the risks and even the fight against disease progression.


  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • Some peppercorns
  • 17 oz honey

Method of preparation:

Peel the cloves and cut in half. Put them in a jar and pour in honey. Then add the peppercorns and let the mixture stand for five days.


Take only 1 tablespoon prepared every morning when you wake up solution. Be sure to consume along with a piece of garlic and a pinch of pepper.

Health benefits of this mixture

This recipe helps strengthen metabolic rate, is also beneficial for those who suffer from overweight. When you start taking the prescription, your body will begin to burn more calories and you start to lose weight faster. It also helps prevent the accumulation of water in the body, which helps even more to lose weight.

also it helps improve the body’s ability to absorb different types of nutrients, such as vitamin B and beta carotene.

black pepper is very beneficial for the digestive system as it fights bad bacteria in the stomach, and also prevents gas and bloating.

Moreover, the mixture is also full of antioxidants -. Phytochemicals, which help in the fight against harmful free radicals, which is crucial in preventing cancer

Disease Treatment

Use the recipe garlic and honey for the treatment or prevention of the following health conditions:

  1. atherosclerosis

in cases of atherosclerosis, artery walls become thickened due cholesterol and calcium deposition, which can increase the chances of stroke and heart attack. Consumption of this mixture may help in the fight against this disease.

  1. 2. High blood pressure

If you are suffering from hypertension, this recipe will help control blood pressure, since research it has shown that garlic is very effective in reducing blood pressure.

  1. Colon cancer and stomach cancer

Regular consumption of garlic also has been shown to be able to help minimize the chances of developing colon or stomach cancer. After conducting a study on men, Chinese researchers reported that those taking the magical 1 clove food on a daily basis reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent.

Application in ointment

This remarkable recipe can also be used as an ointment for external treatment of infectious problems, fungal and other infections.

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