A Navy SEAL’s Morning Routine

How can you start the day? Many people wake up and look at your smartphone. They check email and social media, then get out of bed and start brewing coffee. Perhaps they have a high sugar cereal or sweet bread for breakfast while watching TV. At the time to shower, get dressed and go to work, they have wasted a lot of your energy and focusing ability.

divine Marcos, former commander of the Navy SEAL and bestselling author, believes his is a better way . He says if you have adequate sleep last night, wake up with their frontal cortex “fully loaded with willpower.” Good management of willpower to put that to use in your life depends on the actions you take the first 30 minutes of the morning.

God, who retired from the Navy in 2009, now runs SEALFIT, a California company that offers mind-body programs the state of the art training. a routine that developed in 2004 when he was serving in Iraq is recommended. Every day I needed to access maximum skills to survive and fulfill its mission in wartime operation. The routine includes six steps.

1. Find a quiet space.

Immediately after waking, go to a private space where you can relax in a space of sacred silence. It is best that your space is separated from the room where you sleep, but any quiet, private area will do.

2. Hydrate to fuel your body.

drink a glass of fresh filtered water.

3. It takes only a few minutes to reflect.

do a review of the circumstances in your life for which you are grateful. Please note in your journal. Divine recommends these questions for reflection.

What and for whom I am grateful?
What I’m excited and eager to do today?
What is my purpose and make my plans for the day I connect to it?
who can reach and serve, or you, today?

4. Focus on your breathing for at least five minutes.

Mr. Divine recommends a technique he called breathing box, a discipline that teaches at the Academy SEALFIT. This is a method of deep diaphragmatic breathing. Inhale counting to five. Hold your breath for a count of five, exhale for another count of five, then hold your breath again for the same time period.

5. Consciously move your body.

This may be a couple of sun salutations, which moves in concert with breathing, or going on a brisk walk while maintaining an internal focus.

6. Close the “dirt jumping” your day. Session

After reviewing your plan for the day and make the necessary adjustments, visualize yourself having each of the main actions on its agenda, dominating each. Prepare your mind for victory.

Now that you have done your mental preparation, have a healthy breakfast, rich in protein. If your schedule permits, follow up with a visit to the gym, walking or running.

This morning ritual can be completed in less than half an hour. If you have time, Divina recommended to expand your yoga practice or exercise time. Even five or ten minutes, however, there will be a change of life.

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