A Natural Way to Pump Up Testosterone

Scientists have discovered a way to powerful, natural men can dramatically increase your testosterone levels.

No special foods or strenuous exercise. And it’s completely free.

Italian researchers have found that simply spend a half hour a day in bright light increases testosterone. The new study from the University of Siena shows that elevated levels of the male hormone by 71%. “Sexual satisfaction” dozens of men in the study trebled. 1

Researchers followed 38 men who complained of low sexual desire. Each underwent an evaluation to determine baseline levels of testosterone and interest in sex. 2

For half an hour every morning, half of the men were exposed to a box full spectrum light that mimics natural sunlight. The other group was exposed to a light box that emits wavelengths in the typical artificial lights.

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At the end of two weeks, the researchers reviewed testosterone and libido of both groups. Men who get artificial light had the same levels as when the study began.

However, the group receiving natural light had much higher levels of testosterone. They jumped from a baseline mean of 2.1 ng / ml to 3.6 ng / ml. That’s an increase of 71%. 3

And his sexual satisfaction soared.

Dr. Andrea Fagiolini led the study. He is a professor of molecular medicine and development at the University of Siena. He said, “Before treatment, both groups averaged a score of sexual satisfaction about 2 out of 10. But after treatment, the group exposed to light (natural) was adding sexual satisfaction scores about 6, 3. increased testosterone levels explain most reported sexual satisfaction. “

The research was recently presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology conference in Vienna, Austria. 4

Study: Sunlight renews its male libido

Scientists do not know exactly how natural light increases testosterone. But they have a theory. Dr. Fagiolini says that when a man is exposed to full spectrum light, eyes send a signal to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is in the brain. Controls sexual desire and helps regulate testosterone.

Previous research confirms the connection of sunlight in sexual desire. It has been found that sexual interest varies seasonally. It is higher in the summer months. That’s when the natural light available from the sun. 5

Dr. Fagiolini explained that “in the northern hemisphere, the body’s testosterone production naturally declines from November to April, and then rises steadily through the spring and summer, peaking in October . “He points out that June has the highest rate of conception in any month. 6

Despite a light box was used in the study, natural sun works just as well, said Dr. Fagiolini. “The light box actually mimics what nature does,” he said.

Low sexual desire affects about 25% of men over 40 years

But researchers say that light therapy can be a safer way to raise levels of male hormones.

We have long advised that you get at least 20 minutes a day of direct sunlight. In addition to a better sex life, given the vitamin D3 needed for general good health.

If you can not get out in the sun, buying a light box. They are widely available online. Are full-spectrum lights that have the same wavelengths that natural sunlight.

There is another easy way you can increase your sex life to new heights. You can make the king of the night bedroom.

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In good health,

Angela Salerno
Executive Director, INH Health Observatory

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