A Kenyan lady,Bridget Achieng gets a tattoo of Ali Kiba on her hand after getting nice $ex treatment from him

When Ali Kiba and Diamond met at the same stage in Mombasa there are many things that happened behind the scenes. between the item to the trend after the show is over is where the beautiful lady called Bridget Achieng decided to leak big secret between her and Kiba Ali after deciding drawing tattoo with the name of the manufacturer hit single from “Aje” Ali Kiba.

Rumors says that was concluded to draw the tattoo “King Kiba” after receiving the precious treatment from Kiba during the activity of bed and decide to draw tattoos to appriciate six by six in the bed of the singer.

Lady said she felt fortunate to be the only girl I have acquired space comforted the artist when she was growing up in Mombasa, adding that the tattoo will remain in memory of his life that is served $ ex and King Kiba.

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