A Chinese Boy With The Ability To See In Pitch Black Dark Baffles Scientists (Video)

Many humans are discovering that they have unique abilities that science can not explain, what It suggests that we have untapped potential beyond our wildest dreams. Since most people have yet to realize this potential, there is a certain mysticism surrounding this phenomenon, so many perceive Features as “superhuman”. One of the most recent superhumans to share their talent with the world is Nong Yousui a young Dahua, China.

Nong Yousui and superhuman view

Like many babies, Nong Yousui born with blue eyes; However, Nong’s eyes have a certain glow that distinguishes it from other blue-eyed children. Later in life, he found that the color of his eyes was not the only one attribute, as he says have perfect vision in complete darkness. Naturally, his father brought to the hospital Nong for answers. Like his father explained “They [doctors] told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese, but they never did.”

Although Nong can clearly see in the dark, he has difficulty seeing in sunlight and bright light is uncomfortable. His teacher also states that when light is shone directly into the eyes of Nong in the dark, reflecting neon green tone.

When the story first went public Nong, a skeptical Chinese journalist decided to formally prove their claim. The journalist has created a series of questionnaires for the child to complete in a controlled environment, a pitch black dark room. After completing the tests, the results clearly showed that the child can see, read, and write perfectly in complete darkness.

The World Record Academy organization that certifies world records, Nong Yousui considered as the first person to be able to see in the dark and gave a world record.

Watch the following video about Nong Yousui and their ability to see in the dark:


The scientific debate around Nong night vision


Nong has generated a lot of publicity, the media mostly out (not surprisingly), although it has attracted the attention of the scientific community as well. Many scientists are skeptical of the unique vision of Nong because it does not make sense according to human evolution. As James Reynolds a pediatric ophthalmologist at the State University of New York at Buffalo, said, evolution is a slow process, “Developmentally, mutations can result in differences that allow the new environmental niche exploitation Pero. such mutations are modified over long periods. A functional mat in a human being would be as absurd as a human born with wings. it can not happen. “

Although developments clearly occurred in nature, it is important to note that there are still many unanswered questions about theory evolution and its relationship to modern humans. A University of Glasgow study conducted in 2000 showed that modern man was not, in fact, a descendant of Neanderthals, a species that our ancestors believed, belying the model out of Africa of modern human evolution. I am not suggesting that Darwin’s work was wrong at all; I’m just reiterating the fact that this is a theory has been applied to humans and that specific parts of it have been disproved, including the hypothesis that we evolved from Neanderthals. With that, I think it’s presumptuous to claim that the theory of human evolution denies the reality of Nong night vision when we are still looking for answers surrounding human evolution in general.

Nong night vision seems more plausible if we consider all other species with similar capabilities. Numerous animals, including cats and which are nocturnal are incredible night vision due to a thin layer of cells existing in eyes called tapetum lucidum (as mentioned above). When light shines directly into the eyes of these animals, their eyes seem to glow, similar to Nong.

What can we learn from the story of Nong

This is not the first time we’ve seen incredible capabilities in human eyes. Many people have claimed to cure your eyesight naturally, and has not been studies performed on humans that have successfully improved their night vision (read our article on the subject here ). The eyes have also been referred to as the gateway for the soul, which means it could be used as a tool to look beyond the physical world and the spiritual.

Like Nong, many other people have come forward to share their superhuman abilities with the public – skills that scientists have no explanation. Many of these people are enlightened beings such as monks that can generate heat and have supernormal mental abilities. Another famous “superhuman, ‘ Wim Hof ​​ can submerge your body in ice for hours while meditating and body temperature remains stable, a capability that still baffles scientists. Why should we automatically doubt uniqueness of a child because science tells us that? it’s time to put aside our scientific egos, accept the fact that some things are inexplicable (for now), and we recognize that what seems impossible can sometimes be possible.

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