A Beverage That We Drink Everyday Can Cause Seven Types Of Cancer!

London Scientists warned that alcohol is the direct culprit of seven types of cancer, and it is dangerous even for people who enjoy small or moderate amounts! BH6HWX Woman drinking wine

Namely, according to new research published in the journal Addiction, there is a strong link between alcohol and cancer, which can not be explained other factors.

Scientists have concluded that there is enough convincing evidence for the final confirmation of alcohol as a direct cause of the disease, she argues Jenny Connor , one of the study authors.

“There is strong evidence that alcohol causes cancer in at least seven places in the body, and possibly more of the same ” – emphasizes Connor and added:

“Even without the understanding of biological mechanisms, epidemiological evidence supports the conclusion that alcohol causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus, liver, colon and breast cancer,” explains Dr. Connor and reveals that there is a growing amount of evidence that alcohol causes skin cancer, prostate and pancreas.

He concluded after studying the data of ten years from the Global Fund for the International Organization for Cancer Research Cancer Research and the World Health Organization.

“The biggest risk is associated with a higher intake of alcohol, but also has a heavy burden on those who drink small amounts to moderate” -. Warns Connor

According to research conducted by the nonprofit Cancer Research UK, nine out of ten people are not familiar with the connection between alcohol with cancer.

“This research is a strong reminder that there is a connection between these two things,” – said Dr. Jenna Witt, PR of this organization


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