9 Surprising Secrets Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

His language actually has a larger purpose than just taste and ease allowing you to lick food.

serves as a window to any deficiencies you may have, and may symptoms experienced physically of several major underlying diseases.

However, it is still one of most neglected organ of our body.

You will be amazed at the number of things that language could suddenly reveal once you know what to look for.

1. Bright red tongue – indicates that an infection in the body. Initially, only the tip of the tongue is red, then the redness is transferred throughout the tongue, showing inflammation of blood.

2. The red on the sides of the tongue – is a sign of excessive consumption of spices and fatty foods, alcohol, and occurs in people who have bowel syndrome irritable

3 .. bluetongue – is a sign of cyanosis, lack of oxygen in the body. this type of symptom that should immediately seek medical care is perceived. It occurs when there is an interruption of heart failure in the blood and other factors.

4. Black tongue – which occurs rarely and is a sign of a disease. Most often it is a birth defect and is constant. However, the black color of the tongue can occur when the tongue is a lot of bacteria builds up. In that case, the language is first yellow, brown, black and color, finally.

5. yellow tongue – is extremely rare and may indicate a jaundice

6 .. purple tongue – is a sign of years inflammation and may occur when there is a lack of vitamin B2 and women who have heavy menstrual cycles

7 .. peeled tongue – it could mean that the body is completely exhausted without energy, and can be an indicator of allergy and autoimmune diseases

8 .. pale tongue – might indicate a problem with the digestive organs, feeling cold, fatigue

9 .. dry tongue -. indicates anemia and can cause problems with insomnia, memory loss, anemia, chapped lips and other

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