varicose veins is that 50% of Americans over 50 suffer. This condition is characterized by enlarged and twisted veins that usually appear on the legs. Increases the risk of suffering a fatal deep vein clot, and can also cause fatigue, discomfort, heaviness, and inflammation.

Traditional treatments are extensive, however, you can try many things at home to treat it in a natural way.

  • Apple cider vinegar – that can treat varicose veins due to its ability to remove calcium deposits in blood vessels. This corresponds to poor circulation, a byproduct of varicose veins and a major cause of discomfort. Apply a little stroke in a circular motion in the affected areas and in only two weeks notice improvements.
  • cayenne pepper – there is an active ingredient in cayenne pepper called capsaicin and is a reinforcement of circulation. It also helps relieve pain when applied directly to the affected area. Include it in your diet if you suffer from this condition. Make a paste by mixing crushed cayenne pepper with Aloe Vera juice and apply directly to the skin. 1-2 months use on a daily basis so you can start working.
  • nder – Reduces inflammation associated with varicose veins due to the ingredient 1,2-DT therefore squeeze a lot of garlic in your diet every day. You can make a cream by mixing her teeth chopped with a little alcohol and apply it on the affected area 4 times a week.
  • The rusco – This is an herb that contains ruscogenins, compounds that reduce inflammation and improve circulation. You can buy as a supplement or as a liquid extract. NOTE:.
  • hamamelis – contains tannins and antistringent (including contraction) compounds that aid in reducing the size of varicose veins. The best way is this wom liquid form. Take a sheet of cotton and soak it in water witch hazel, wrapping it around the affected spot. Place the flat leg, and stay that way for 30 minutes. Repeat on daily basis.
  • seed extract chestnut – which contains the active ingredient called aescin which improves circulation. It also helps in relieving leg swelling, itching and discomfort with the disease appropriate. Buy this ingredient in a supplement form. However, you should not eat raw and unprocessed seeds because they contain dangerous amounts of toxin called exculin.
  • Perejil – is rich in vitamin C and routine working in the treatment of varicose veins through boost cellular repair capabilities and strengthening the capillaries. These are the structures that carry blood to the veins. Parsley juice and incorporate it into your diet.
  • red vine leaves – which are also known as vine leaves re super effective in treating varicose veins. There was a clinical study in which patients who took supplements of red vine leaves on a daily basis, significantly reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. The supplement is ideal for restoring the protective nutrients and improve circulation.
  • Marigold – this is another anti-inflammatory herb that help in relieving pain and symptoms characteristic for varicose veins inflammation. Apply the paste of marigold on the affected area on a daily basis.

Watch the video to learn more about natural ways to treat varicose veins.

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