9 Natural Ways to Prevent Cavities

(WellnessNova.com) – Cavities are a type of infection that occurs as a result of caries dental. Although everyone knows that foods like cookies, cakes and sweets are likely to cause tooth decay, they are not the only culprits. Imbalances aging nutrients drinking insufficient amounts of water , there are plenty of reasons why you might get a cavity. More important it is how to prevent them. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure so let’s take a look at some natural ways to prevent cavities.

1. Reduce consumption of refined sugar

Let’s start with the obvious. Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth, but do you know why? We will explain. In addition to the good bacteria, also it has a large amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. When you eat sugar feeds bad bacteria create acids cause a hole to form in the teeth , also known as a cavity.

Reducing sugar intake and you will reduce your chances of getting a cavity. It’s okay to eat chocolate bar occasionally or slice of cake, but do not go overboard.

When you eat refined sugars, eat only once a day. Snacking on sugary treats during the day creates plaque on teeth that can lead to decay.

2. Often brush

This may sound like another obvious, but you can not lose. Believe it or not, only a small percentage of us brush your teeth twice a day is recommended. According to National Smile Month , ” One in four adults do not brush twice a day, ” and ” One in ten admit they regularly forget to brush your teeth. ” forgetfulness and he says hello to a mouth full of cavities.

To prevent this from happening, regular and adequate brush. president of the Ontario Dental Association says Most people spend just one minute brushing their teeth when it should be three times! It also says, ‘Do not rub! It is best to use nice, smooth strokes. Scrubbing only gets in the food particles found in the flat surfaces of the teeth. If you want good results, start in the gums. ”

3. Floss every day

Flossing is the key to good oral health. Tooth decay, tooth decay and gum disease can be avoided simply by flossing. cavity formation happens when surface of a tooth is covered with the plate so you need to brush and floss. By flossing regularly, you can prevent plaque buildup in area that is particularly vulnerable to tooth decay :. Between teeth Therefore, make a habit of using dental floss and every day you will not have to get your cavities filled.

4. Brush Before breakfast

overnight, bacteria builds up in the mouth so you need to brush your teeth first thing in the morning to get rid of the plate. While tradition dictates ” Brush after every meal, ” Colgate said it . They recommend brushing before eating as doing vice versa can damage tooth enamel – especially if you brush too soon after eating acid food. When you wake up in the morning, go straight to the bathroom, brush and floss, then wait 30 minutes before drinking or eating something to prevent the weakening of tooth enamel.

5. Drink plenty of water

Dry mouth is a major cause of cavities. This is caused by anxiety, smoking, mouth breathing, certain medications, and most commonly, dehydration . For that reason, you must stay hydrated. Water is vital for the production of saliva, which helps prevent dry mouth. Furthermore, it is neutralizes the effects of sugary foods and helps clean away bacteria. Therefore, drink plenty of water or at least rinse your mouth with water every time you eat if you want to prevent cavities.

6. Chewing sugarless gum

Another way to get the saliva flowing prevent dry mouth that can cause tooth decay, is chewing gum sugarfree. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production which keeps the mouth hydrated and also removes particles of leftover food after eating. In other words, it is good for teeth.

7. Eat more vitamins

A diet high in refined carbohydrates like sweets, biscuits, bread and dairy products, leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay. You also need to beware of “sugars” hidden in foods that do not even have a sweet taste that may also cause tooth decay.

However, the addition of more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet naturally removes food particles and plaque from the teeth. Getting plenty of vitamins A, D, E and K and calcium, phosphorus and magnesium may also prevent oral infections and caries. Be careful of the amount of fruit consumed because it also contains sugar. Adhere to a couple of servings of fresh fruit a day.

8. Drink Green Tea and Black Tea

In addition to benefiting the skin, metabolism and immune system, green tea also benefits your mouth. Because controls bacteria and reduces the acidity of saliva, this drink can be a useful tool in preventing caries.

A Egypt-based study , people were analyzed before and after rinsing the mouth with green tea. According to their findings, test subjects were less acid and bacteria in the mouth.

Black tea is as effective in fighting tooth decay, according to research. Funded by the Tea Trade Association of Health Research , new studies found several doses of black tea every day reduces the buildup of plaque and helped control bacteria – the main suspects of dental caries. Therefore, start preparing some tea and make a habit of it if you want to keep your teeth free from decay.

9. Eat raisins

Previously it was thought that caused cavities raisins. As it turns out, they can actually prevent them. According to scientists , raisins contain chemicals that include flavonoids and polyphenols that combat oral bacteria that often lead to cavities . Obviously not eat too many because they do not contain sugar. However, the addition of a handful to your daily diet has the potential to prevent cavities.

Follow these easy, healthy and save on dental bills advice. With these, it is expected future visits to the dentist do not require sedatives and mercury fillings.

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