9 Mental Health Items Every Student Needs on Their Back-to-School Shopping List

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Now that August is officially upon us, it’s time for new and old students of the university to prepare to return to school. And with that comes the endless shopping trips for the return to school to stock up on everything you need -. Textbooks, snacks, school supplies, dorm decorations and more

But do you have anything on that list to help maintain your mental health? Take a look at these nine elements, all of which have helped me to better care of my mental (and physical) health during the school year.


is one of the most important (and most frequently sacrificed) aspects of maintaining mental health – especially college students. I’m a big fan of sleep (and sleep well, by the way). Here are some of the products that I used to help myself get a full eight hours of shut eye each night:

1. White Noise Sound Machine ($ 49.89)

This handy gadget is perfect for anyone who has a noisy room mate. It has a built-in fan that recreates the sound of rushing air, creating “white noise” and effectively block noise in a wide frequency range. the outer edge fellow association? No problem. Stumbling partner after a night of fun? You can not hear them, you’re asleep.

2. Breathe Right nasal strips Lavender ($ 12.19 for a pack of 26)

OK, so it was first introduced to these little angels because my husband hoarse. He went out and bought them and initially mocked him – “you have lavender nasal strips?” But now use every night. First, they help you breathe better, although I’m not so stuffy. And the scent of lavender is just beautiful, totally helps me numb. I’m sorry for making fun of his strips luxury, rich!

3. melatonin tablets ($ 4.84 on a bottle of 60)

On nights when I feel liquidation, and is known to sleep it will not be easy , took a tablet of melatonin to make me tired. Melatonin is a hormone your brain produces to help control the sleep-wake cycles. Doctors were able to replicate the hormone in tablet form, so you can help your body count, “Hey, it’s time to go to sleep.” Just make sure that not too much is taken, or waking up can be really hard!

stress relief and self-care

No matter how hard you fight it, stress is a natural part college (and life, for that matter). But there are things we can do to reduce stress and help ourselves Cope. Here are some of my favorite products of stress relief and self-care:

4. A Microwavable Neck / Shoulder Band hot ($ 20.99)

I am one of those people that takes my stress on the neck and shoulders – I develop these great terrible knots that make slouching painful a book or computer. My sister introduced me to these heat wraps around the neck / shoulder and are amazing -. Just pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a lovely resistance heating to help calm the muscles and reduce your stress

5. Spearmint Eucalyptus Pillow Mist ($ 15.00 )

OK, so this kind of also falls into the category of sleep, but this pillow mist Bath and Body Works is amazing. Just sprinkle a little on your pillow before going to sleep and that will help you relax and unwind. He also used to spray some on my scarf winter when I was on my way to a stressful exam or presentation; I would take deep breaths and calm myself, rather than be concerned about impending assignment.

6. Clay Mask carbonated bubble ($ 10.39)

I’m a big fan of facial masks purposes of self-care. I have several, but my preferred for use when I’m stressed is the mask bubble Clay Piggy Elizavecca Via carbonated. This follows a normal mask, but the skin oils activate carbonation and begins to bubble. Like, a lot. Here’s a picture of me the last time I used it. I spent most of the time you laugh at myself; It is fun to use. And then once you rinse your skin it is very clean and smooth. Win win!


There is no such thing as mental health without physical health and vice versa. So here are some products that I have used (or, in the case of the kettle, wish I had used) that benefit both!

10. A bottle of water infusion ($ 12.95)

I know that hydration is an important part of wellness, but I have a very difficult time drink enough water everyday. One thing that really helped is using a water bottle infusion, so that the water tastes better; Actually, I want to drink water, instead of feeling like I need. Only store some lemons, limes or berries in your mini fridge and throw them into the infuser whenever you want to fix your water.

11. A pill organizer ($ 8.95)

Like I’m bad to forget to drink enough water, often I forget to take antidepressants. or , I’ll take it, but then a few hours later I can not remember if I did or not. I decided to buy a pill organizer so you always know if I took that day or not. I put it in a place I’m sure see it (right on my desk) rather deep in the bottom of my bag where I could see it. I have not missed a dose since I bought this!

12. An electric tea kettle ($ 14.79)

I was a big coffee drinker in college. I worked on the student newspaper until late at night and I Guzzle Joe cups like nobody’s business. a real toll on the teeth was taken and made it harder for me to relax before bedtime. I recommend trying to switch to tea, or at least substituted in at least one cup of tea of ​​coffee every day. There is something very relaxing in a nice cup of hot tea.

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