8th Week of Pregnancy

Week 8 of pregnancy is generally characterized by the first signs of pregnancy. When the mother is two months pregnant, she does not begin to show, but your body changes in many ways.

How big is your baby?

At week 8, the baby is about 18 mm in length. The baby can not be weighed at this stage.

8th Week of Pregnancy

Baby growth and development, AOS

  • the brain begins to mature, and nerve cells begin to connect with each other. Therefore, the baby also begins to show response to certain stimuli.
  • The tip of his nose little one, AOS is formed by this point.
  • baby will develop webbed fingers and toes. Elbows are different this time, allowing elbows bent around the chest.
  • The ossification begins during the eighth week.
  • organs continue to develop rapidly. The lungs continue to mature and branching tube from the throat to the lungs begins, although the process isn, AOT complete at this stage.
  • This week the baby gonads, AOS become testes or ovaries.
  • The eyelids begin to form, and the language begins to develop. The upper lip and ears also become different.
  • Teeth develop under the gums.


(a) How can you feel?

  • The uterus continues to expand and is about the size of an orange at that time. The waistline of most women starts to increase now.8th week of pregnancy
  • gain

  • Females about 1 to 3 pounds this week. This can vary from person to person.
  • Nausea and morning sickness are the most important symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Extreme fatigue at all times of day problems of the mother.
  • The breasts begin to become swollen and tender. Nipples darken.
  • feels like frequent urination.
  • abdominal cramps usual side effect of carrying a baby. This is due to the stretching of the uterus.
  • Some women suffer from low back pain and pain buttocks or thighs, which is again due to the pressure of the uterus.
  • Indigestion is another common problem. This is because the digestive system body, AOS slows down and nutrients pass the baby too.
  • Some women have sudden desire foods like pickles.

(b) Complications

The initial period of pregnancy is the more crucial. Most women avoid breaking the good news to the family because of the risk of early pregnancy failure.

If abdominal cramps are sharp and accompanied by bleeding, is not a normal symptom and should consult a doctor immediately. They may be signs of an early miscarriage or other serious pregnancy problem.

Ultrasound was performed to determine whether the bleeding indicates a miscarriage. Although miscarriages are common in the first quarter, not all bleeding is a sign of miscarriage. Ultrasound results show whether the baby has a heartbeat and if this is the case, bed rest is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity.

It is important to see your OB / GYN for a regular checkup during this time. The first pregnancy test commonly includes urinalysis, blood pressure, weight, Pap test, blood tests and a pelvic exam. Family history and previous pregnancies are also recorded.

If you are used to exercising before pregnancy, you should continue to do so. high-impact exercises such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing is prohibited. Yoga is beneficial, but not hot yoga is because it can raise body temperature in places where it is harmful to the baby.

(c) holding the baby

This is the time when women discover they are pregnant and are happy. The news of a new into your life is ecstatic and exciting. The body shows signs of change and the mother takes every precaution to protect your little bundle of joy.


Parents are doubly excited about the baby. Some may be nervous about the soon-to-be the arrival of a new member of the family and life changes, but it is important to remain calm and support their partner. Most parents begin to collect information about work and prepare for the day well in advance.


  • Mother, AOS diet
  • alcohol, snuff and cigarettes should not be used during pregnancy.
  • In the eighth week, mothers should try to take small, frequent meals to avoid fatigued. Refrain from taking on high-fat foods.
  • have a lot of clear liquids such as lemonade and avoid spicy food to reduce morning sickness.

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