8 Warning Signs of Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

What is the emotional manipulation?

The emotional manipulation is when friends or loved ones using methods like feeling guilty, shame and fear to use to manipulate others. It can be done in a subtle or very open, but either way is unacceptable.

is safe to say that at some point in our lives we have done the following, but usually is followed by a great sense of guilt and remorse.

The following eight signals are presented to consider whether in yourself or someone close to you!

1. The word manipulation

When a person says something in a genuine and honest tone but do so to hide their true intentions. For example, you can express anger on them by the lack of a / special occasion birthday and would respond “I’m sorry you think I forget your birthday” . By using these words are being felt guilty even though you are the innocent party.

2. verbal denial

This is one that politicians are very good at performing. When you and the other person to remember events or spoken words very differently. People who handle emotionally are very good at spinning things, rationalizing situations that are in the wrong and justify their behavior.

3. guilt trips

emotional manipulators are great for making you feel guilty about talking, not to mention, for care, for not caring enough, etc. They have realized that sympathy is very useful in handling their emotions. Play the card of the victim easily.

4. Decrease difficult problems

emotional manipulators do not care about their problems because their problems are much worse. They will take what you say, and you feel guilty about saying something, because their problems are much worse / more stressful your job.

5. Passive Aggressive

usually say things to support you or about you, but behave in a very unsupportive way. Giving someone the “silent treatment” is something manipulative use to make you feel guilty and try to talk to them.

6. sucker Energy

emotional manipulators have a dark cloud that follows them wherever they go. When entering the room, the cloud envelops everyone in the room so everything falls attention to them. A normal person and then ask them what is wrong and try to figure out what is making them angry / sad / depressed. The best thing to do is leave the room.

7. Aggression

Handlers can often use the language and actions of aggressive intimidation. If you do not know that confrontation will do to make you feel uncomfortable and therefore they will easily get away with yours. The manipulator will learn to act in order to get what they want and for you to give.

8. applicants insecurity

manipulators seek people who are over-confident, too good or very unsafe because these types of people are much easier to control. They can draw in giving the impression of being warm and friendly, but eventually their true intentions become clear to aggressive behavior, silent treatment, and temper tantrums, not to mention its dark cloud following them everywhere.

If you recognize these “symptoms” of a loved one, you may feel that is difficult to break free because of the guilt and loyalty, but it is vital for your own mental health.

By Holly W.

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