8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! How To Grow Them Full Tips

Undeniably, which has its own homegrown vegetables is much better than buying them at the supermarket.

Although it requires some time, you will feel the benefits are numerous. It will save money and no farm is needed; you can do it indoors.

What is needed is the use of remains of frescoes, and when re-grow plants, make sure they provide enough light and water.

1 . Carrots

green carrot can regrow from carrot tops. Put carrot leaves on a plate that has little water and put the box in a room that is well lit or a window sill.

Although carrot greens are slightly bitter, if you chop them with the garlic and sweeten with vinegar, which can be used in salads.

2 . Celery

Therefore, you can use the bottom of leftover celery. Cut the base out and place in a shallow dish or bowl in the sun.

The thicken and grow with time in the middle of the base leaves. Transfer it to the earth after 3 days.

3 . Scallions

Regrow scallions using their discarded roots. Leave an inch of scallion attached to the root, put them in a glass of water and place in a room that is well lit.

4 . Bok Choy

Place the root of the Bok Choy ends in the water in a well lit area. After 1-2 weeks, transplant them to a boat that has the floor. To grow a whole new head.


New basil can re-grow from cuttings of basil. Put basil cuts that have stems 3-4 inches in a glass of water, and place them in direct sunlight.

When the roots reach 2 inches long, transferred to pots. Over time, they will become full basil plants. In order to prevent viscous basil plants, changing the water constantly.

6 . Roman Lechuga

Use the bottom of a head of lettuce growing again romaine. Put Stumps romaine lettuce in a ½ inch water.

After a few days, once the new leaves and roots appear, transplant romaine lettuce on the floor. The leaves can grow to twice the size. You can also regrow sprouts the same way.

7 . Cilantro

If you put cilantro stems in a glass of water, they will grow. When the roots become long enough, transplant them to a pot with soil.

Place them in a room with ample lighting and new plants are fully grown in a few months.

8 . Garlic

garlic sprouts can be grown from the garlic clove. New shoots of garlic have a milder flavor and can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes. When they begin to sprout, you should place them in a glass with little water

Source: http://www.healthynaturalcures.org/

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