8 Nasty Things About Bellybutton Your Doctor Never Told You About


This small part of the body is totally neglected, and hides many doctors surprising and unpleasant stories never speak.

1. Navel is the first mark / scar that has received

occurs when the navel cord is cut umbilical. This is why TI SI believes it is a brand that is obtained as soon as you are born.

2. It is full of bacteria

navel is home to many bacteria. Some research, conducted in 2012, showed that incredibly large number of bacteria live in the navel. The research was conducted on 60 people and 2368 species of bacteria are found.

3. Some people have no navel

Of course, all who are born with an umbilical cord attached stomach has a navel, but in some people the scar heals completely with time and if completely undetectable.

4. You can be infected

If you have piercing (navel ring), highly should pay attention when is the navel hygiene practice and doctor’s advice in order to avoid infection.

5. If you are male you probably have pieces of her clothes in her navel

navel is like a store, especially if drawn inward. You should not be surprised if you have stitches in it, pieces of cotton or any other material of the clothes you wear.

6. Staring at the navel was once a kind of meditation

Greek monks of Athos used to meditate looking at your navel.

7. Yeah, no fetishes bellybutton

In a study from 1975 dealt with people who have a fetish for navels. A teacher of 27 years old adored inverted navel and tried to fix her navel inward twice.

8. Did you know that the use of microbes in the navel can make cheese?

The cheese is made with the help of bacteria. Biologist Cristina Agapakis showed that cheese can actually be made from the bacteria found in the navel.

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