8 Health Warnings Sign Your Fingernails May Be Sending

Nails are not just there for looks, but also lets you know a lot about your health. Nails are layers of keratin , a protein that is also found in our skin and hair, and consists of six parts. The nail plate is the hard, protective and more visible part piece. They may even be the key to catching serious diseases before it is too late.

The ridges

Nails should have smooth surfaces with almost imperceptible lines. clear edge lines are a sign that something is going on with your body. Some of the most common conditions associated with border lines are heavy, iron deficiency, inflammatory arthritis, lupus

blue nails

If you find nails have suddenly changed a blue or purple tint, most likely have developed hypoxia, lack of oxygen, often caused by poor circulation in the feet, ears and hands. circulation problems is easily reversible and is not a serious health problem, unless it is.

brittle and weak nails

Everyone a nail breaks, but if the nails start splitting with the lightest touch, could be an indication of a disorder thyroid. This disorder, which affects your metabolism, it also makes your nails grow slowly and separated from the nail bed.

Nails brown

may indicate a thyroid disease or malnutrition. Nails that are white on the bottom half brown and half near the tips may be a sign of kidney failure, AIDS or appear after chemotherapy.

concave (spoon) nails

concave nails Spoon point to a number of internal issues. To be considered spoonfuls, nails are soft and curves upwards, forming a bath which is often large enough to contain water. nails sign spoon iron deficiency, hemochromatosis, liver disease, heart disease, hypothyroidism

white stripes

Although nails with dark streaks usually indicate a cancerous growth, white stripes are most commonly seen as indicative of a disorder. Usually indicates an unbalanced diet or innutritious, devoid of protein. This problem can be easily solved with increased protein-rich foods such as fish, quinoa, nuts, seeds and lean meats.

Yellow Nails

Usually, yellow nails are a sign of infection nasty fungi and is recommended to buy anti-fungal tablets or a topical cream to treat this. You can also treat it with a more natural solution, such as the application of essential oils. Yellow nails can also be indicative of more serious diseases namely a lung problem such as accumulation of fluid around the pleura (lung membrane) or emphysema.

nails pale white

ghostly pale nail beds are signs that indicate anemia, blood disorder that is characterized by low iron content in the blood. It could also point to liver or diabetes how are you two diseases may cause irregular blood flow.

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