7 Ways To Not Forget Your Child In The Car

Too many children die in hot cars every year. Even if you think you never forget your child in the car, follow these tips to ensure U never would.

For most parents, it seems impossible: How in the world could anyone forget your child in the car? And yet, it is not.

heartbreakingly, about 700 children have died in hot cars in the last 15 years, and most of these children were forgotten there by their parents or caregivers. And while it can make us feel safer villainize those parents and think, “That will never happen to me”, the real fact is that it could happen to anyone. That’s why all parents should take steps to avoid a tragedy like this happens.

“We all spend a lot of time and money to childproof our house,” says Janette Fennell, founder and president of KidsAndCars.org. “We have our car childproof with the same care.” She advised to take several steps to ensure that always reminds your child in the car:

1. Be Extra alert if your changes.That routine when the risk of inadvertently leaving your child in your car increases.

2. Put some of your child as a toy in the front seat. Even if you can not see your child in the back seat (especially if you are in a car seat facing backwards), the toy should trigger a reminder that he is there.

3. Leave an item you need in your next destination in the back seat, like your cell phone, purse or briefcase.

4. Place the car seat your child in the middle of the back seat instead of behind the driver. In this way, it is easier to see in your rearview mirror.

5. Establish a system with your child care provider. If you will not let her son that day, call her. If the child does not arrive as expected, have the doctor call.

6. Discuss the topic of hot car deaths each person driving your child anywhere. This includes partners, grandparents, babysitters and friends.

7. Always “look before locking.” Get in the habit of checking the back seat every time you leave the car.

Finally, if you see any child in a car seat alone in a car, call 911.

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