7 Signs of “Stress Sickness” People Ignore During Fall

During the fall we often feel depressed or stressed out due to bad weather. keeps us locked inside. However, recent research concluded that adequate levels of stress can keep you motivated. The biggest problem here is the position adjustment we all have. At this point, stress can become destructive.

These are the signs that people often overlook during fall and they all show that they are well above the turning point.

  • Forgetting – start to forget things when your life is assumed by stress. If you have a problem that stands out each time you try to relax the problem still appears in the head, his temper rising. While trying to relax and forget about it through work that is not able to think of something else, and this is equal to oblivion. Robert M. Sapolsky is a professor Sanford who says that excessive stress increases glucocorticoid production. These are compounds that push down ” the hippocampus, the main ingredient for the formation of new memories. Also, according to the Canadian Centre for Studies on human stress, memory that is related to this stress in a minute it disappears as soon as something important happens.
  • headaches – Stress is the result of different issues that come in many versions, roads, and intensity. When we talk about versions, we can mention the particular points that attack. Some people may feel these issues at the top of his head, and some in the back. The different ways then are related to time people headaches feel. They can attack when the person is the more stressed and sometimes, when the solution of the problem and it is time to relax. The headache intensity depend on the level of stress. Try to relax more in order to solve the problem. You may want to try yoga or meditation to relieve stress.
  • Digestive problems – the esophagus can enter spasms due to stress, increasing the acid in the stomach and cause more indigestion. When stressed, the mill in the stomach can shut down, causing nausea feel. Then, it can cause the colon to react in a way that gives constipation or diarrhea. Stress can contribute to celiac disease, stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and other diseases may also worsen digestion.
  • unexpected weight changes – stress attack the disease can cause increased some people and some people lose weight, but this depends largely on how they handle stress. That would certainly have known someone who eats a lot of sweets, but can not explain why this is so. Hormones are attacked by stress and to manage stress, the body increases the production of adrenaline and cortisol. Both affect appetite.
  • common disease – the immune system is injured by chronic stress. This causes the body to produce cytokines, inflammatory compounds that are closely related to many autoimmune disorders. Chronic stress is capable of preventing proteins in order to enter the body, making it vulnerable to “pure” threats, such as colds and viruses.
  • Hair Loss – stages of hair growth are in poor condition by disease stress, accelerating the process of hair loss. In case you notice this, and you are not sure, try to relieve tension in your soul and body. This will help grow hair again and not feel stressed.
  • skin problems – stress is the culprit to make your skin vulnerable and disrupt their work, such as eczema and psoriasis. These skin conditions are responsible for the balance of the skin. Stress causes chemical changes, making the skin more sensitive, resulting in oily skin and acne.

Watch these methods to help relieve stress.

source: mamabee.com

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