7 Reasons to Start Eating Bone Broth

If you have jumped on the trend paleo popular, you probably already have their meat muscle down. The following is eating nose to tail, ie, viscera and bone broth, too. Although this may seem like an idea “spoils” ancestors instinctively understand the health benefits of eating all parts of the animal. bone broth is made from the carcass of an animal and is a rich source of nutrients for cartilage, collagen, and bone marrow. Cartilage and collagen are key to building strong bones, healthy joints, and soft and radiant skin. As for the core, Thoreau famously said, “to live deep and suck the marrow of life.”

Chicken Soup for the body and soul

Chicken Soup observes the almost mystical status in Jewish culture; who is revered as “Jewish penicillin”, however most people think their health benefits are nothing more than an old wives tale. In fact, science supports the homemade chicken soup and use of other types of bone broth, also, for the prevention and recovery of colds, flu and other infectious diseases.

Why the broth has such a powerful effect on the immune system? Contains factors activate macrophages, cytotoxic T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and more. It also contains rich broth stores glycine, a calming amino acid that can help us to calm the mind, improve concentration, calm anxiety and stabilize mood. By reducing stress, which not only develop resistance to colds and flu, but also increase the odds of living long, alive and well.

Gut Sense

When digestion suffers, the whole body suffers. As Hippocrates said, “All disease starts in the gut.” Broth reputation as a digestive aid and remedy for digestive problems dating back thousands of years, and the broth is a staple of folk medicine worldwide. There is nothing better for healing a leaky gut and support the proliferation of good microflora. It has also helped celiac, colitis and other diseases.

Good Faith strengthen bones

Calcium is the first thing most people think to strengthen bones, perhaps vitamin D and trace minerals, too, but none of them work quite well without collagen. Think of it this way: The collagen fibers build a scaffold for bone mineral reinforcement bars reinforced concrete manner. To increase the collagen in your diet, gnawing drumsticks, eat the skin of a roast chicken (which is not only rich in collagen, but also healthy monounsaturated fats), and taste dishes from soups and stews broth-based bone. Supplements gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen can replace, but nothing compares to building a solid foundation in the diet on the stock.

a cup of detox

Tired of turning green or orange juice fasting or green smoothies? Ready for a hot cup of pure food as the days get colder and fall becomes winter? bone broth is the perfect day after departure desintoxicante either enjoyed as a cup of broth, soup or stew. Broth is naturally high in the amino acid glycine, necessary for the production of glutathione, a potent cancer containment, antioxidant slowing age with values ​​for liver detoxification and safe disposal of mercury, lead, cadmium and other toxic metals, pesticides and products industrial chemicals in our bodies.

Beba get fit

For more than 100 years, athletes and bodybuilders have taken gelatin to build muscle, gain energy, prevent injuries and increase immunity. More recently, the fitness world has changed its recommendation glutamine. JJ Virgin, author of “The Virgin of the diet,” he says, “If you have been eating real food, but has not achieved its goals of health, bone broth could be the missing piece.”

In addition to other fitness goals, broth can help reduce cellulite. If exercise alone will not do the trick, think collagen and cartilage and its role in connective tissue. strong and flexible connective tissue-based broth is what keeps lobes similar to cottage cheese poking through.

Eat, love, pray

How much healing power of soup to be paid to love dedicated to the preparation of homemade soups for family and friends? How much could be due to a lifestyle that includes raising sit for regular meals? These factors are too subjective to measure, but common sense suggests that they have more positive effects on health and longevity.

An old-fashioned remedy for the modern world

Broth is real food, whole food, and slow food; however, fast food, too. Our great-grandmothers may have oscillated over hot stoves of the day all chefs and gourmets can do yet, but taking stock of today can be quick and easy with crockpots and slow cookers. What could be simpler than throwing together a few ingredients before rushing off to work in the morning? Is there anything better than coming home after a hard day to be greeted by the strong smell of feeding the broth? We think not.

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