7 Mistakes We Do In The Sun


all well know that ultraviolet rays are the strongest 11 am-5 pm During this period of time to avoid direct sunlight. We know that we have to apply high SPF creams, but still make mistakes:

1. Do not apply enough sunscreen

in order to properly protect your body from harmful radiation from the sun, apply sunscreen is good in all parts of the face and body. On average, for a full body coverage you will need about 40 ounces of sunscreen.

2. Buy products with sun protection factor wrong

The protection factor that protects from UV rays causing redness of the skin. Sunscreens with SPF 15 absorbs about 93% of ultraviolet rays, creams with SPF 30 absorbs about 97% and those with SPF 50 absorbs 98% of UV rays. People with sensitive skin should choose funds high SPF, but despite the application of the cream, but they must also avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

3. We forget to apply new layer of sunscreen

An extension of sunscreen is not enough protection against harmful radiation. New coat should be applied after swimming in the sea, lake or pool. In fact, even though the water is not introduced at all, due to the constant sweating, the layer already applied the sunscreen protection loses its effectiveness, so it is desirable to put a new layer on every two or three hours.

4. Sunscreen spritz bottles are not as good as you think you are

Sunscreens in spritz bottles are easy to use, but its disadvantage is that the powder particles do not cover the entire surface of the skin and provide a means-protection. In order to properly apply sunscreen, hold the nozzle about five seconds on the body and then spread to use your hands.

5. Do not apply sunscreen under clothing

By the way, did not know that the linen has SPF 3 and that number is reduced if the clothes are wet. It is therefore desirable to apply sunscreen all over the body or parts of the body covered clothing.

6. We forgot to put on sunscreen protection

The skin should be protected from the harmful rays the sun when it is on the beach. Protection is necessary when walking around the city because the skin of the hands, face and feet is exposed to direct sunlight. Experts urge use means with SPF 30, regardless of skin type.

7. We forget our ears, eyelids and crown

When we apply sunscreen to protect face, most of us stop applying some sensitive skin on ears and eyelids. In addition to them, consciously or unconsciously overlooked and crown area also needs protection. If you do not oil your hair, use light varieties sunscreen spray dries quickly.

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