7 Habits That Are Harmful For Your Bones!


Have you ever thought of how their habits affect the health and vitality of bones? Only one change can make a big step towards improving your strength, or just a bad habit can lead to a weakening of bone tissue.

  1. Too much salt

With salt intake, the body loses calcium, so the more salt, less calcium it has. Reduce salt intake in your diet and avoid foods like potato chips, salty cheeses, fast foods that contain too much salt.

  1. Sitting in front of the TV

all want to enjoy watching our favorite series, but sitting excessive or lying causes our lazy bones. Exercise is an ideal replacement for it.

The best for bones is when you are standing and feet and legs support the entire weight of the body and muscles and bones are active and struggle with gravity.

  1. cycle in the long term

Cycling strengthens the heart and lungs, but not bone. To improve the strength and density of bones, doctors recommend walking or running more efficiently.

If you are a passionate cyclist, then try to combine sports activities, and insert tennis, swimming, dancing in the sports program.

  1. office work

Sunlight facilitate the creation of vitamin D in the body. 10-15 minutes of daily exposure to sunlight are enough for healthy bones.

But the problem is that most of the time spent indoors and miss the sun. Furthermore, the creation of vitamin D with sun depends on age, skin tone, and season.

  1. Alcohol

High doses of alcohol are harmful to bone tissue. Alcohol lowers the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

  1. smoking reduces the creation of new bone tissue

smoking reduces the body’s ability to create new healthy bone tissue .Period of healing of bone fractures in people who smoke lasts longer and requires longer treatment. He quit this bad habit will help improve bone health.


Low values ​​of BMI (body mass index) can easily lead to fractures and bone loss. If you lose weight without reason, talk to your doctor.


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