6 Staggering Things You Do To Your Body When You Do Not Drink Sufficient Amount Of Water

Our body is composed of water ¾ , which constantly lose through sweating while eating, breathing, etc. Recommendation of all the experts, doctors, nutritionists is that you should drink at least six glasses of water a day. However, the amount of water needed to drink depends on the fat and physical activity.

When you crave his body is trying to tell you is already a little dehydrated and immediately need to drink a glass of water. If you do not drink water, the body begins to react in a dangerous manner.

1. Ruining your overall health

The introduction of large amounts of water scientists associated with a lower risk of kidney stones, colon and urinary tract cancer and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

2. The concentration is reduced

The brains of adolescents, not drink enough water, constantly forcing your brain, and when studying and solving tasks that most of the brain use.

3. You eat more

People who drink water before meals they eat less and enter a 70% fewer calories.

4. wrinkles appear

sufficient hydration of the body restores the skin, reduces small wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy color.

5. Has a bad mood

A group of people who drank water before exercise, he felt tired, nervous and irritable.

6. The metabolism slows down

If our body has enough liquid, uses more calories at rest.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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