6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly!

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! Standard review and disclosure of affiliated :! The PlanetBox shown in this post was given to me is the purpose of this review. The links are affiliate links as well. All opinions on the revised product are my own. Please also know that I never affiliate link products that do not stand behind or never use with my own family.

Ok, so I’ll start with the admission of … I absolutely love peanut butter and jelly :)

I grew up on them and today they are * * so good!

My girls really love PBJ and they do not mind having lunch in the rotation here and there. is really important to rotate food for our children.

Having the same foods over and over again can lead in the gut – and if you already have lining the bowel is (think food allergies or sensitivities, seasonal allergies, digestive problems either constipation or loose stools, and even behavioral issues a lot of times point to the intestinal distress) which only adds fuel to the fire to have the same thing over and over again.

I also like to keep different foods that turn in the diets of children, as it creates broad palate children with flavor. Meaning, that will accept almost anything new feeds them. some training is needed while they are young, but it’s so worth it!

But … BJP is so easy!

Not yet! it is totally is. I agree that it is so easy to pack a quick and smart snack.

But I’ve learned that packing lunch does not really have to be so complicated. My kindergarten is eating the same things I had when I was at home as a child / preschooler, simply packed up. Of course they still pack the BJP from time to time, but mostly’m packing another nutritious favorites – to pack so fast

[ If you let your children involved in the packaging, I think it can run smoother and faster. it will need some training first. But at this point in the year, my kindergartener Seasoned now collects its own fruit and vegetables and fill your water bottle for your lunch the night before. I fill the odds and ends and you’re done – takes 5 minutes -. Cimas

Product links in this post are affiliate links. It does not cost you anything and helps maintain the free information on this site, as well as answer the questions of “what brand do you use?” Please know I never personally recommend any product I wouldn’t use on my own family. Having great lunch gear really help along the process and we wanted the functional simplicity of “launch” PlantBox . It really fits the types of nutritious foods to pack for school, and my 5 year old loves. The robust design lasts for years, so it is really an investment you make once … no more lunch replacement gear year after year when things get too worn. Washes so nice (well my 5 year old will tell you that since she does every day ;)).

SO! Whether your children are tired of the same PBJ every day, or you are looking for greater variety in their diets, here are six lunch ideas to try to finish our their school year!

1. One of my favorite features of Launch PlanetBox is the great reservoir side to keep things like salad. I think most kids are going to be nice to salads at lunch, provided they have super delicious dressings to pour over them! You can make your own store bought dressings as Ranch, French and Thousand Island at home – it takes 5 minutes to shake in a jar

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! Another lunch packing tip is how to make suitable boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs last about 5 days in your shell! So hard boil a dozen eggs once a week and use them for breakfast or lunchbox additions fast. The crunchy nuts in the photo are part of my freezer stash -. I do a great deal of them at once and throw handfuls when I need

2. Launch PlanetBox comes with a container leakproof to fit into that slot large side too. I’ve been using for yogurt. Scatter frozen at the bottom and takes about half cup or less than all natural yogurt on top of fruit. If you have children who are used to the sweeter commercial yogurts can spray some raw honey on top as well. My 5 year old can manipulate the lid on the container and have not had a problem with leaks at all!

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! The tuna salad in this lunch is my salad rapid mixer tuna 5 minutes – which is great in a sandwich or kids they love dipping or make your own “sandwiches!” with cookies vegetables.

3. About once a month take me an hour or 2 and make large batches of energy bars bars apple [19459026barrasdegranola] or blueberry bars flat and freeze in freezer bags. They pull from the freezer to faster lunchbox to make a PBJ!

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! Keeping things colorful! I use purple instead of green cabbage for coleslaw much! If you think you need to sweeten the deal with eating coleslaw with children, add a dash of raw honey or sprinkle some raisins.

4. Missing children pizza day at school? Try pizza rolls ! My daughter is pizza day * all * Thursday. These muffins freeze so nice – for suitcases very easy right from the freezer We homemade pizza Occasionally she takes the leftovers ! of … but I do not think pizza night has to be scheduled every week.

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! My trick cinnamon apple slices or execution of a lemon on the cups used! will be saved browning nicely! works for avocado halves lemon too.

5. Do not forget dinner leftovers! This was Parmesan baked quinoa . A lot of nights to pack leftovers from dinner right when I’m cleaning dinner. It takes very little time!

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! The Launch PlanetBox comes with a great condiment container that is leakproof. It keeps everything from veggie dip , a salad dressing , or nut butters for dipping apple.

6. If you really have “sandwich eaters” who are reluctant to give up their PBJ, try wraps in place. Or at least something different about the bread you use. I crockpot 3 whole chickens once a month and grind the meat for the freezer in portions handful . This envelope was shredded chicken from the freezer, my own May 5 minutes , lettuce and tomato. I like these wrappers rice or wraps millet Sami (gives me both in our health food store in the freezer section) for my family no longer containing gluten. Just be aware of the ingredients list!

6 School Lunch Ideas *Besides* Peanut Butter & Jelly :: Plus a PlanetBox Review! Ok! Then tell me! He hits me with your best PlanetBox questions or packed lunch and let me know how it goes the new routine lunch!

For more ideas lunch can follow my Ideas for lunches board Blogger!

The 6 School Lunch Ideas * addition * Peanut butter and jelly! appeared for the first time in Increased Fueled Generation .

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