6 reasons why you should find time for this exercise + Video


Squats are the most important and most useful exercises for the whole body, especially for those who are too busy and can not set aside time to exercise. So if you decide to do the right situps
With only 20 one day, you can quickly notice its advantages. So we give six reasons why you can start to do.

1. Squats every muscle in the body accumulate

certainly it is put on squatting tighten the buttocks, but primarily affect the muscles of the legs. Another important feature is that stimulates the growth of muscles in the body. This exercise is so severe that creates anabolic environment, the body releases hormones – which are vital for the growth of muscle tissue. Squats improve strength to the upper and lower body.

2. Squats and burn fat can help you lose excess weight

In addition to defining the muscles squats also burn calories. This is because squats are the most important and most effective ways to burn more calories and gain more muscle forms. For every gram of extra muscle you get, your body will burn an additional 50 to 70 calories per day.

3. It Squats are good for digestion

muscle strain squatting improves the flow of fluids in the body, helps in expelling waste products and delivery of food in all parts of the body. Squats also help regulate the stool.


4. You can make squats ever when anywhere because they do not need any equipment

it Squats do not require going to the gym or to pay for any expensive equipment, so this is the perfect place for people who are in a constant race against time exercise.

5. Squats can improve posture

Muscles strengthened during manufacture squats will help you sit, stand or walk with confidence. They also reinforce and back muscles and helps prevent pain that is caused by being excessive.

6. Squats can help maintain a balance of hormones

The two main hormones that are expelled from the body – the hormone testosterone and growth, the maximum excreted during exercise, and after them appears DHEA – amazing hormone responsible for the body to dispose of excess fat thereof, the building muscles, improves mood, increases sexual desire and improves immunity.


How do squats correctly:

As a beginner, you can do 20 sit-ups. If you can not do on a daily basis, then at least do them every other day. Most importantly, do not quit and remember that persistence is essential.

Source: http://www.kafepauza.mk/zivot/6-prichini-zoshto-bi-trebalo-da-pronajdete-vreme-za-ovaa-vezhba/

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