6 Reasons Why Should Never Drink Mountain Dew Again

There have been many wars, epidemics, outbreaks of disease, poverty and hunger in the history of mankind. They have destroyed millions of lives and all hatred. But all these murderers have nothing about them addictive. Then we have these colored sugary drinks Mountain Dew called that are taken daily by millions!


The formula Mountain Dew was invented by Barney and Ally Hartman Tennessee in 1940. It was changed slightly in 1958 by Bill Bridgforth and rights were purchased by the Corporation Council Marion .

Then it was on the tip Corporation Bill (William H. Jones) that he was completely renovated and gave us the Mountain Dew’ve all been drinking today. In the 60 rights they were sold to Pepsi-Cola became the owners of “green monster”.

Today, Mountain Dew is so popular in some parts there is a cult-like following in some region.

Appalachia is an example.

But we’ve also heard of Mountain Dew mouth, which is so prevalent in this region.

Central Appalachia is higher in the country by the number of people without teeth!

This drink is killing so many people around the world and everyone is turning a blind eye and drinking more of the same.

1. Mountain Dew can destroy your reproductive system

You must have heard the rumors that Mountain Dew has been reduced adulthood . It may not be much to prove, but the impact is not entirely unrelated. The bottle and the sugary drink may come not to interfere with hormones.

liners in tin and plastic bottle has BPA. BPA’s role is to protect the can from being eaten by acid in the drink. When the researchers studied, it was found that this compound has a direct impact on the rate of infertility. Other impacts include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • reproductive cancers
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Changes in the beta cells in the pancreas

2. it is more acid than you can imagine!

Our parents have always told us to avoid battery because it is very acidic. The battery has an acidity of pH 1. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have acidity of pH 2.5 and Mountain Dew has a pH of 3. If that does not blow your mind, what will?

These statistics are reported by anyone other than the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine US!

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3. How Pepsi came to recognize this

it is easy to think that all this is done up! You can not even trust the scientific community. But what trust yourself Pepsi Mountain Dew recognizes how your works!

Ronald Ball, in 2012, found some gelatin (rancidity) in its Mountain Dew. He poured the contents and found something that resembled the dissolution of mouse!

sued Pepsi Co and dispense this test. The company responded by saying that the mouse had ‘dissolved’ in the bottled-consumption period, which made it the gelatinous thing.

If that does not scare you, think of her womb that come into contact with the soda!

4. Misleading advertising

Behind every successful product there is a great marketing slogan that encourages people to buy. Mountain Dew to say is the “fuel of the game”. H & M is that “melts in your mouth … ..” and Red Bull is that “wings” gives you.

Every day hundreds of thousands of players around the world are crazy to spend all night or day playing your favorite video games. And they swallow tons of Mountain Dew while doing it.
The Environmental Health News reports that players spend up to 12 hours a day, soft drink consumption continuously.

But not only the players who are addicted to it. Honey Boo Boo made to prime time, when he appeared in small and Tiara children. Do you think a combo of Mountain Dew and Red Bull (a toxic combination) is swallowed before their performances know?

5. Long-Term Impact of Mountain Dew

Most of us do not know about this silent murderer, but with different diseases chronic such as cancer and obesity are killing so many people.

The concern is that Mountain Dew does not kill you directly. those diseases over time, leading to death is based. Not that this is another soda.

is a combination of harmful chemicals that should have stayed in the lab and never been used commercially!

6. The use of GMO products

If you think Mountain Dew is still safe, you should read this. It has the following ingredients:

  • The transgenic corn and soybean
  • sodium benzoate (which is a preservative that reacts strongly against vitamin C in dew and carcinogens created)
  • BVO (this is forbidden in the European Union and Japan)
  • BPA
  • yellow dye (produced from coal tar)

all these combine together the perfect cocktail to destroy your body! But Pepsi wants to let their fans know that Mountain Dew no harm in drinking these dangerous chemicals!

According to the company BVO is an ingredient approved by the FDA and very safe. It is also used in citrus-based drinks. Pepsi ensures that all its products are safe and are conducted under the guidelines established by the government!

And at the root of this problem it is that people establish and control these guidelines are the same people who once used to work in these large corporations. If you’ve ever watched Food Inc ( film ) known how this “revolving door” works.

Stopping the threat?

You can take companies. But you can start with just stop drinking soda. There is nothing nutritious in it. All you’re doing is destroying their health with it. you can drink water or prepare your own juice / soda at home. You will control what is added to it and is very healthy.

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