6 Main symptoms of glaucoma

Glaucoma is a sophisticated eye disease in which makes optic nerve damage resulting in loss of vision.

There are two most popular forms of glaucoma: angle closure glaucoma (ACG) and open-angle glaucoma (POAG) .You have a higher risk of developing glaucoma if their parents have this disease and possibly if suffering from a cardiovascular disease or diabetes . The risk of developing glaucoma may also increase with age.

Symptoms of glaucoma I. Open angle

symptoms of glaucoma - symptoms of open- angle glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma has no noticeable symptoms for many years until the loss of vision has occurred. It is called “the thief of sight”, either because their symptoms develop slowly over time or go undetected.In this form of glaucoma, the eye, the angle where the cornea meets the iris is the most open and wide as it can be, but the drainage channels of the eye become clogged over time, leading an increase in pressure inside the eye, then, of course, causing damage to the optic nerve. There are no early symptoms or warning signs of this type of glaucoma. The sharpness of vision or visual acuity remained stable until the end of the period of this disease. And when a patient is aware of the loss of sight, his illness is quite advanced, is not immutable with any treatment, even surgery. Open-angle glaucoma has few symptoms before vision loss, such as patches blind spots in central vision in both eyes and tunnel vision in the late stage; so it is essential to see an ophthalmologist for regular eye tests. If it is determined that early glaucoma, eye professionals can provide preventive treatment to help protect their vision as soon as possible.

II. Symptoms of angle closure glaucoma

symptoms of glaucoma - symptoms of angle-closure glaucoma

closed-angle glaucoma is the result of drainage channels blocked in the eye that leads to a sudden increase intraocular pressure. This form of glaucoma develops very rapidly and requires immediate medical attention. Unlike open-angle glaucoma, the symptoms of narrow-angle glaucoma are noticed more easily. If you notice any of these warning signs following, seek immediate medical attention from your eye doctor.

In today’s article, I want to reveal some of the main signs and symptoms of glaucoma in details so you must keep your head in the next Conditions and Diseases . Symptoms of glaucoma are:

1. Severe eye pain and head pain

symptoms of glaucoma - severe eye pain and head pain

this is both off the list of the main early symptoms of glaucoma that I would reveal in the first place throughout this article and you and my other readers to be monitored carefully. eye disease often has no early symptoms of glaucoma. However, when it comes closed-angle glaucoma, the eye pressure rises rapidly, so you should see your eye doctor. eye specialists diagnosed eye ​​pain and give an instrument to measure the pressure. Eye pain is treated urgently by using eye drops and sometimes the use of pills to lower eye pressure. If that does not work, you may need surgery. A surgical laser procedure can slow the progression of the eye disease and prevent future attacks. Moreover, in some cases, glaucoma can cause a headache because a result of glaucoma is optic nerve damage

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2. Nublada or blurred vision

symptoms of glaucoma - hazy or blurred vision

this is another major early signs and symptoms of glaucoma that I would like to introduce this entire article and that all my readers to learn to get treatment as soon as possible. blurred vision refers to the lack of sharpness of vision, leading the inability to see well. Blurred vision may be experienced in one eye or both eyes. And sometimes, it is associated with other signs and symptoms of glaucoma, including redness, headache . Let’s see what your doctor early if you experience this symptom for immediate treatment.

3. The appearance of colored rings Rainbow

symptoms of glaucoma - the appearance of rainbow-colored rings

This is also one of the main symptoms of glaucoma to be careful. Light is vital to our vision. We can see the objects around us after the light bounces off objects and into both eyes. However, sometimes, the light may be the result of vision problems. This symptom of glaucoma is caused by light passing through the water on or in the eye surface, creating its spectral colors. This leads to colored rings around shiny objects or lights really is a sight-threatening symptom of glaucoma. This symptom is uncomfortable. You may squint and make an attempt to look away from the light source when you are trying to view objects in a bright light. And his eyes will turn teary . In order to solve this eye condition, you may be able to reduce its impact with the help of their eye doctor. This will help the doctor to find the right type of lenses or glasses for you. Simply, you can wear sunglasses to reduce this symptom during the day. You can also use the vehicle sun visor for the sun out of your eyes. Surgery is an effective way to treat more severe condition.

4. Nausea or vomiting

symptoms of glaucoma - nausea or vomiting

Nausea is the sense that it requires vomiting and if it is unpleasant, will not result in vomiting. Vomiting occurs when stomach muscles and abdominal muscles hard exclude conditions of the stomach into the esophagus. Nausea and vomiting are served by a strong headache. There are three signs and symptoms that are so difficult to cope individually, but the condition is significantly worse if only two or three symptoms occur simultaneously.

This is also one in the list of the main signs and symptoms of glaucoma that people should consider seeing your eye doctor.

5. Vista sudden loss

symptoms of glaucoma - sudden sight loss

sudden vision loss is a serious medical symptom, and should be treated as soon as possible. A sudden loss of sight only in one eye or both eyes does not mean complete blindness. the sudden loss of vision may contain sudden loss of peripheral vision, sudden loss of central vision or blurred vision suddenly. This symptom may only last a few seconds, minutes or hours. However, it could also be permanent if not treated quickly.

This is, in fact, one of the main signs and symptoms of glaucoma that people should learn and go to see the doctor early if you experience this symptom.

6. Red eyes

symptoms of glaucoma - eye redness

This is the last, but the main common symptoms of glaucoma I would like to disclose in this entire article. red eyes refers to a red appearance of the white of the eye. The eye is bloodshot or red due to the blood vessels on the surface of the eye, get more blood into the eye. redness of the eyes is attended by loss of vision, halos around lights, and nausea.

Another thing I hope all my readers to do after reading this article is to spend a little time to read another article that introduces ways to treat glaucoma disease- the onhow list of tips to treat glaucoma Eye Disease Naturally article. This is actually a necessary written that people can use easily and without worrying about the harmful effects because it does not encourage the use of drugs, pills, or any type of medical interventions. Remedies and treatment tips revealed in this article have already supported many people in the world effectively in the treatment of eye disease glaucoma without causing any harmful side effects. Therefore, readers of Vkool.com also dealing with this eye problem should read this recommended to find the best natural treatments for your own situation in writing.

This is the list of the 6 signs and symptoms of glaucoma in humans eyes that everyone who wants to learn about the early symptoms of glaucoma should read carefully to take better account common. In fact, if you do not have any treatment for this problem early, glaucoma could even lead to total blindness in one or both eyes. Even with treatment, nearly 15% of people become blind in one eye still to least.Therefore, knowing the early signs of glaucoma is very important to get the eye care shortly before his eye condition be more serious.

After reading the list of signs and symptoms of common glaucoma, if you feel the item is good for your current eye condition and can help other people around you who are dealing with one or more of the symptoms that I mentioned in this letter, you must share this list with them and encourage them to go see the eye doctor as soon as possible. One more thing, as the author of Vkool, always want to hear the voice of my readers and personal views on the content of the articles I wrote, so do not forget to leave your opinions and comments in the comments section. I promise I will answer all your questions and comments as soon as possible in my frame.

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