6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love: Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Women are the most incredible gift men can have. Women care about men, love, however, also they bother men more. Therefore, many of the habits women can really touch a nerve in men. For example, constantly calls you, you act like a child while doing something, autofotos takes, spend too much time shopping, etc. However, there are some habits of women that men adore:


  1. His head on his chest

men just love it when a woman puts her head on his chest. At such times, they feel like they’re giving your loved one a sense of security.

  1. She plays with her hair while driving

This is not only for the physical pleasure of caressing the head, but the caress men experience as an expression of affection, love and the need to contact the couple.

  1. She praises him in Facebook

Men can not get enough of public appreciation.

  1. She listens attentively

This makes her feel loved.

  1. Send texts and asks that when friends

guys love when women show they think of them even though they are busy with something else.

  1. affection in public

man’s heart beats faster when the hand is held or when you correct your hair while waiting in the queue box.

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