6 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

According to the studies that have been conducted recently, the number of susceptible people develop kidney stones has increased greatly. People who have knowledge of these things say this could be due to lack of general information. Prevent kidney stones now.

A kidney stone specialist from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Dr.Allan Jhagroo, was recruited by the National Kidney Foundation to help people bust those myths about how to prevent kidney stones and just help you general knowledge of the area.

We have some of these suggestions and tips here:

1.Sweat could be more important than you think. This is very important because through sweat we lose a lot of water if through exercise or yoga or sauna. Because it has less water in your body, urinating less, and this makes it easier for minerals causing the stone to harden and bind in the urinary tract and kidneys.

Experiment: drink plenty of water whenever possible, especially if you exercise or do any similar activity. Yes, this will make you urinate more, but will also make it easier to prevent kidney stones are creating.

2. Oxalate is not alone. Yes, oxalate is very dangerous if it is highly consumed. But go ahead and cutting oxalate containing foods, such as nuts, seeds, grains, including fruits and vegetables, can be more dangerous. Oxalate is not dangerous in itself, but when combined with calcium while urine occurs. Contrary to popular opinion, the lack of oxalate in the diet can be very unhealthy
Try this :. Combine with calcium oxalate rich meals. In this way, it will be combined in the stomach before the kidneys begin processing. This will prevent the formation of kidney stones.

3. Calcium is your friend. According to Dr.Jhagroo, despite the negative view that people have about calcium, its deficiency in the health system can have a major impact on the creation of kidney stones. Many people have said to reduce or cut your intake of calcium, which is completely wrong and can lead to unwanted results completely.

Try this: Instead reducing calcium, trying to reduce sodium intake in foods, and mix calcium-rich foods with foods high in oxalate


4. No there done that. The fact that it has gone through the painful experience of passing kidney stones does not mean it will not happen again. In fact, it is highly likely to have again. “Most people will want to do everything possible to make sure it does not happen again,” said Dr. Jhagroo. “Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case that people make changes they need after their first stone event.” Their study showed that nearly half of the patients had not followed the advice and 15% even taking necessary medications.

Experiment: is very important to follow all the advice that was given to you, so you can make this easier for you to experience. You can prevent kidney stones back and also other diseases that may be linked to them.

5. If you have kidney stones … not be afraid. The first has to do is take a look at your lifestyle and diet. A few more healthy choices can lead to better outcomes, rather than relying on medication.

Experiment: When you see a lemonade, enjoy a cool drink, or make your own lemonade. Research has shown that the juice, lemonade and fruit juices and the like can help prevent kidney stones, mainly due to the potassium citrate in them. Just be careful that sugar. Sugar is dangerous when it comes to kidney stones. According to Dr. Jhagroo: “We believe that citrate in the urine can prevent calcium from binding with other components leading to stones Moreover, some evidence suggests that the citrate can prevent the crystals that are already present to join. each other, which prevents them from getting bigger. ”

6. Each stone is not the same with the other. Dr. Jhagroo said: purine High consumption leads to increased production of uric acid and produces a higher acid load to the kidneys to excrete,” Purine is a chemical compound it is present in the organic production of meat, seafood, meat or read. This is also a very common type of kidney stones. This has an impact on your pH levels makes the urine more acidic that makes it easier for uric acid stones to form type.

Experiment: A healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruit is highly recommended. To prevent kidney stones are creating should avoid eating red meat, organic meat or seafood, which are all foods high in purines. Alcohol is also very harmful in increasing acidity levels and sugar. Avoid all these substances will help to reduce levels of acidity and acid levels lower than it easier to prevent kidney stones.

Source: kidney.org

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