6 amazing food items that help you build muscles (bodybuilding foods)


chicken breast


One of the most beloved foods in the world, chicken breast you can eat a whole and shredded. This helps in the rapid growth and repair of muscles. They have protein and contains very low in fat. Chicken breast also improves bone health and helps maintain balanced body weight. An individual serving size can be marinated and cooked quickly.



1/4 cup dried lentils consist of 120 calories. Consuming lentils ensure you get enough energy for the formation, resulting in strong muscles. Contain cholesterol lowering properties that are good for heart health.

Greek yogurt


is loaded with vitamins and minerals. 1 cup yogurt can meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirement. It has vitamin D and calcium that strengthens bones and muscles. Try them without sugar, if you are trying to lose weight.



This type of cheese is a must for your list of bodybuilding diet. Vitamin B12 is helping to build red blood cells. Since it is a slow digestion of protein foods, eating before bedtime will provide the body with a constant source of energy.



They contain more protein than an egg. 1/4 cup of almonds contains nearly 8 grams of protein. active and healthy brain are maintained. They are very low in cholesterol and sodium. They contain high levels of B vitamin is necessary for proper metabolism, improving body composition.



Bananas activate your digestive system for a whole day. They are an inexhaustible source of fiber and potassium. Start your day with bananas and watch your energy levels soar, putting muscle breakdown. Bananas contain glycogen, which is an important source of energy in the body.

Best of luck guys! Try to include these foods in your diet to grow strong muscles and bodybuilding.

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