5 Ways to Have a Healthier Lifestyle?

(WellnessNova.com) – What is a healthy lifestyle? There is a lot of information out there on this, and it can be confusing. Do I need a diet low in fat, or is a low-carb diet? Is it really so important to eat organic or GM-free? I wonder if I am gluten intolerant, and if so, what I can eat? How many calories do I need to keep my height and weight? Or to lose weight? Really I have to stop eating chocolate ?!

And I do not supplement my diet or not! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

The truth is, we all want to do well for ourselves, even if you feel a little lost on how to do or have developed some questionable habits throughout life. The good news is, take care of ourselves can be easier than you ever dreamed . So to that end, I would like to offer some very simple ideas on diet and supplements, and you can decide what works for you and what does not.

Only you listen and observe what excites or gives you a feeling of well-being, and may find that just being aware of your own answer will help you decide what is really best for you.

Here we go!


I think we all agree that any health plan designed to bring greater prosperity should include a good look at the diet.

Forget, for the moment, all the different diets out there and just look at yours. What you feel good about and what you feel you should improve For example, how is your digestion? Do you notice physical symptoms related to any of the types of foods you are eating? Use your intuition here, and tracks are displayed in the form of thoughts and feelings that guide you in the way you need to go to reach your health goals.

When specifically looking for what to eat, we can only start with the basics. Are you getting a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains (if eaten), and proteins? How do you feel about eating organic food compared with conventional food? Are you interested in going vegetarian or vegan

Just make a bit of a scheme where you would be, gout diet in preparation to make the necessary changes. Settling within itself that changes are choosing to do that will take time. Change your life for the better is a process, and that go smoothly just flow with it.

2. Small Foundational changes

Now, more practical suggestions diet: It might be best to start with fruit intake. The idea is to eat twice as fruit vegetables.

The fruit is good for you, but it does contain fructose, a sugar. All sugar, whether natural or processed, can be a problem if you eat too much of it. This goes double if you are trying to control a problem of blood sugar, like Type 2 diabetes . Keep the consumption of fruit and about 2 servings a day works well for most people, but see how it feels on the fly. You may need to enter a fruit more or less in their new healthy diet.

Now look at your vegetable intake and see how many servings are eating every day. Sometimes it is useful to maintain daily food for a few days, write down everything you put in your mouth, food or drink from sunrise to sunset.

Very often you will find a lot about what you are eating conscious and subconscious. See if you are eating a good variety of vegetables, and then plan from there. You probably want to slowly add more servings of vegetables if their current consumption is not what you would like.

Look a variety of colors as is their consumption of vegetables future into account. Usually, the most colorful vegetables are, the more likely you are getting the highest possible nutrition every day. You will want to explore:

  • “green”, such as kale and spinach
  • “red” as the red pepper and red cabbage
  • “purple” such as eggplant and turnip
  • “yellow” as yellow squash and yellow onions
  • “oranges” as sweet potatoes and carrots

3. Easy does it

Now if in its assessment of consumption current vegetables is that is not very low in the number of servings you are eating one day, you do not run right to the store and buy all the vegetables in sight!

Remember, this change is doing to be understood as a process or may get overwhelmed. Start by getting perhaps 3 good servings of vegetables daily, along with a couple of servings of fruit. They can be raw or cooked, but getting in.

And no canned vegetables! canned vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh or frozen. If you can, buy organic vegetables. Not only are pesticides and without additives, but you get the best nutrition from food if choose organic .

But if the organic purchase is simply too much of a stretch on your budget, there are some vegetables and even fruits that are grown conventionally with little or no pesticide residue, so they can keep their food costs down! Here is a few vegetables and fruits containing naturally less pesticide residues

  • onion
  • Pineapple
  • avocado
  • Col
  • sweet peas
  • asparagus
  • Mango
  • Eggplant
  • Kiwi
  • Camote

4. a salad in a Day Rule

Another important component of a healthy diet is salad confidence. Make sure you are getting at least one good salad a day with as many accessories, such as carrots, celery, cucumber, as you can put on it. This can cover several servings of vegetables for the day, and exercises fiber intake, too, which is another important part of a healthy diet.

Regarding dressing, bandage on his decision to start out, but along the way you may want to experiment with making your own vinegar and oil dressing . They are healthier than offers shops, and depending on what make them much more tasty as well! There are so many ways to make a good vinegar and oil dressing. Here’s any you may want to try when you’re ready. You can use honey or stevia to sweeten, but watch the amount of sugar, brown or otherwise, for best nutritional results.

Once you have a good foundation laid with his new diet, you can add more servings of vegetables every week or two. And once you are satisfied with the initial changes can be made more changes as they are revealed to you. Remember, listen to your intuition. The ideas and the people who help you on the road will continue to appear as promises to be the healthiest possible

Just a word of grain If you are not sensitive to them, make sure you are eating whole grains, and be aware of GMOs. Unfortunately, they are now everywhere. Oatmeal is currently on the safe list , but corn and corn products can be a problem, and sometimes others, cross-contamination.

5. Where are supplements fit in?

Obviously, it is best to get as much nutrition as possible from the food itself. But the cold, hard truth is that it is not always possible. If you’re just starting out trying to eat a more nutritious diet, supplements can help launch your nutrition and start out stronger .

And if you have several different types of food sensitivities or allergies and are having trouble getting all the nutrition you feel you need supplements can help balance your nutritional profile . Do not hesitate to consult your health care professional if you have any questions about what supplements would be more than benefit.

There are many different types of supplements out there – pills, powders, capsules, soft gels – but the most important in choosing supplements consideration has to do with whether to purchase synthetic or whole food supplements. Consider the difference between them:

synthetic vitamins (vitamin isolates)

Many people believe that a vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin. If the bottle says “Vitamin C”, then that’s all that matters. But this is simply not true. When you read the labels of any offer vitamin, it is important to know the original source of the compounds.

Synthetic vitamins can cause damage to the body because they often are not optimal nutrition for humans. This is because synthetic vitamins are not made of the same complex set of vitamins and minerals found in nature. They are made of isolated or fractionated components a given vitamin or mineral, and our bodies are only meant for eating whole foods, with all the components that would normally be there.

Therefore, do not assimilate vitamin isolates and , and this can sometimes cause more harm than good. Some synthetic vitamins even act as chemical drug is in the body, with unhealthy side effects. When considering the ingredients in a jar of synthetic vitamins, you will realize that there could be a lot of discs to pronounce words listed there. These are the chemical names, so that when the pill is taken, you are actually consuming chemicals.

food supplements

Almost anyone who researches the best types of food to eat for health and wellness know that whole foods are better for you than processed foods or refined. Processed foods have nutrition simply not much to offer as the whole variety of foods. For example, it is much better to eat a fresh apple to eat with apple flavor, well, anything! food products with apple flavor may contain some of the real thing, but certainly not all of it. So it makes sense that if optimal nutrition of an apple is like, you should eat a whole apple.

It’s the same with supplements. whole food supplements are, in fact, concentrated food , which means that when you you are getting all the nutrition possible decision. In a bottle of whole food supplement that find whole foods, such as various greens, beet powder, carrot juice dehydrated and other components of recognizable foods, which are listed in the “ingredients” section, which is a warning that you are not taking a chemical compound made by man. whole food supplements contain real food, your body can absorb without creating chemically induced side effects. Win!

In any case, if you are thinking of supplements of any kind, keep in mind the supplements can certainly be helpful in supporting or even recovering their health, but diet remains the most important factor to to consider. If you are eating potato chips, soft drinks and fast foods at all times, any supplement program will do little to no good. Supplements are designed to do just what its name implies, complement a healthy diet and life-affirming. Eat foods that are minimally processed so they are getting all the energy both food of the life force as possible and use supplements to fill the gaps.

Thinking out of the box with herbs

Nutrition is not only what we normally think of as food, like an apple or a carrot. There are, in fact, many herbs out there that can help more nutrtion in your diet. And the herbs are very versatile, so you can get in your diet through several different methods, from herbal supplements to tinctures to cook with them. One of my favorite ways to take herbs is tea!

These are just some herbs to consider trying if you are adventurous!


This herb is an all around elixir of life. If you are looking for it is an herb that will take care of what ails and do not know which herb to try, start with nettles! Among its many healing properties, some of the most important are that it is properties of blood formation, and its ability to help people with allergies .

nettles also contains a high amount of iron and vitamin C, calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, E, K1, hill, folic acid, and zinc. What a nutritional boost! It also has a high protein content, which is unusual for a plant, and a great addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. As an added benefit, nettles even have vitamin D, which is also rare in a plant source. This herb is excellent as a tea, as its mild flavor lends itself well to the different mixtures. I like to mix with red leaf rasperry!


This refreshing crisp grass is a common component in many tea blends. It is known mainly for its positive effect on the digestive system, as it calms the stomach and helps remove gas. But it is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, carotene, magnesium, copper, iron and calcium.


This is a spicy and delicious herb used in pasta and pizza sauces. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Nutritionally , containing vitamins C, A, K, plus minerals, manganese, iron and carotenes. Most people cook with oregano, instead of drinking it in tea. But if you like a spicier tea, and you have a little cold in the chest, it would not hurt to slide a pinch of oregano with a sweet herb like mint. Mix a little and see what happens!


Romero is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can be used to clear the lungs of congestion . It is also a popular herb used in chicken and fish. Rosemary is rich in vitamins A, C, folate and B6. Manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium are present in this mineral salt components grass.

Herbs can be a great addition to any diet. They are versatile and full of nutrition and healing other.

The process and the goal

Good health is really a process with many components, so it is good to explore, investigate, and think of everything as an exciting journey. Hear himself while being always open to seek help from a health professional if you get stuck, it is wisdom that will help you along the way. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind and heart, even things you never thought to try before. Listen to yourself, make your plan, and above all to look forward with anticipation of good things to come. Good health and wellness are gifts worth giving himself.

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