5 Tips For Having A Flat Belly At The Beach!


all want look good in a swimsuit. Sometimes it takes a few small changes in habits that can give us excellent results.

If you have a problem with digestion, pain and flatulence has all year, try to make small changes in the summer.

With these tips will be able to reduce flatulence and stomach will feel easy and comfortable in a swimsuit.

  1. Take small portions of food

large meal can cause bloating, no matter what it contains. If you are eating large meals and tend to feel uncomfortable later, then try smaller portions.

While you’re on vacation eating smaller meals several times a day will help to avoid difficulties with digestion and bloating.

  1. avoid salt, fatty foods, carbonated beverages

Before deciding what to eat, remember that food salty and fatty is the number one enemy of her slender body.

Soft drinks will inflated and will emphasize the stomach on the beach. If you are lactose intolerant should avoid ice cream, milk and dairy products.

Things such as yogurt, frozen foods, sauces, dressings and health bars can contain a lot of sugar that contributes to “empty” calories.

  1. Do not eat fast food

Water and swimming will make you feel exhausted and you will be hungrier than normal. But that does not mean you should sit down immediately at the first restaurant and order a snack or junk food.

  1. Avoid swallowing excess air

There are habits that can induce swallowing too much air subconsciously. To avoid this phenomenon chew food with your mouth closed, do not chew gum, avoid sodas, eat slowly, do not drink liquids with a pipe and smoking cigarettes.

  1. prepare food properly

Leave beans or other legumes per night in water. This will reduce gas and bloating.

The anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors will be in your gut that cause gas, heartburn, reflux and any other digestive ills that beset when you eat something that is not particularly indigestible unless soaks their beans before cooking.

Source: http://acibademsistina.mk/health/index.php/wellness/866-soveti-za-ramen-stomak-na-plaza.html

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