5 Things to Try This Month

Well, April is officially upon us. I do not know, but I was feeling particularly inspired by spring around March, so I hope that this month will be no different. April always brings beautiful weather (hello, short sleeves and sandals), the great festivals of music, a fruit and vegetable spring variety in the market for local farmers, and everything in between. APRIL also marks an important to organize your finances and do some spring cleaning time, but we’ll get to that in a minute … Without further ado, here are five ideas inspired to treat this month …

Spruce up your festival fashion outfits

Look Shop This …

1. Arrange your fashion clothing festival. it is known as spring season begins music festivals outdoors. Coachella is first, followed by the bottle then Bonaroo rock … The list goes on and on. Therefore, if you have a concert with pencil in your schedule or not, follow the example of those attending the festival by investing in light dresses, sandals with tassels, straw hats, cross-body bags, sunnies fun and cutting jean shorts. This will be uniform throughout the long spring.

Add slices of citrus to anything and everything

2. Add sliced ​​citrus anything and everything. Lately I’ve been obsessed with citrus in every way: the way it tastes, as shown, and how that adds a nice touch so anything that gets you. I’ve already been putting fresh orange slices in my iced green tea every morning, but after seeing this impressive cake in the new book by Lauren LC held , I’ve decided I’m going to have to put citrus slices in the next bake dessert.

Update your favorite playlist

3. Upgrading your favorite playlist. As mentioned above, the festival season is here. Therefore, it is time to update your favorite playlist with the latest songs that will be great all spring long. Luckily for you, we ask our resident LC Lauren Conrad set DJ Johnny Knight , to put together a festival list breeding season for all of you and is quite amazing. Click here to give it a listen!

Organize your finances this month

4. Organize your finances. As we all know, taxes are due this month. These next two weeks are always an opportune time to review your finances, reflect on what you spent last fiscal year, and see how you can save more next year. It’s a good idea to make a budget and try to stick with it. I know I’ll be working hard over the next couple of weeks to analyze all my expenses 2015, but I always feel so organized and managed later. Give it a try!

Step up your spring-cleaning game

5. Intensify spring cleaning game. I know it seems like I encourage everyone to do a purge of your unnecessary belongings whenever you share about 5 Things to try position, but that’s because I really think it’s a good practice to clean things once a month. With spring upon us, cleaning your house, closet, and life could not come at a better time. Be sure to donate all used items in good condition to a large donation center so that someone else can benefit from the things you no longer need.

What ideas and activities are inspiring their spring schedule?

Let me know in the comments below; I like to hear what you all are up this month!

xx Allison
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