At the beginning of this article you should know that in a case of renal kidney function disabled , endangers the health of the whole body.

That is, in this case, it is crucial to visit your doctor and asks for your diet, because with a single kidney work is difficult and can not consume all kinds of food . You should also know that a kidney can not handle all the toxins and cleanse your body of it in time.

You need to take special care for your health, especially if only one of your kidneys are working. By taking proper care of yourself you will avoid any complications.

Right now you need to know that one of the most common causes of kidney damage is cadmium, a heavy metal that pollutes the environment through the incineration of municipal waste as well as through oil and burned coils.

Here, in this article we will show some of the symptoms that indicate that you have damaged kidneys.

urinary disorders

As you probably know, all the liquid in your body is cleaning the kidneys. So if you have any problem with urination, this means that the problem actually is in your kidneys.

However, it should also take into account that this condition can have completely opposite symptoms such as dark urine, less urine than usual, difficulty urinating, a feeling of pressure when urinating or blood in the urine.

Swelling in certain parts of the body

The kidneys help your body to eliminate all toxins. However, if these toxins are not removed properly, they will start to accumulate in some other parts of the body such as the feet, arms, face, legs and ankles.

Pain in the lower back

Kidney failure can often be manifested by pain in the lower back, on the side of a body at first, and then on both sides. In most cases, people feel more intense pain in the side where they sleep.

Dryness, rash, itchy skin

At this point it is necessary to know that if kidney function is impaired, then all the toxins accumulate in the blood. This will lead to dry skin, a persistent itching and rash. That is, these skin problems are the major symptoms of impaired renal function, which means that should not be ignored. Moreover, they should not be treated with creams and ointments. You need to visit your doctor immediately.


you need to know that the kidneys produce erythropoietin. Erythropoietin is a hormone that helps the formation of red blood cells that transports oxygen. Another important thing to know is that if reducing the number of red blood cells, may experience constant fatigue, lack of oxygen in the cells, and anemia.

Kidneys are vital organs and are extremely important for the whole body. This means that you should keep them functional as much as possible. To restore its own function, then you need to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle. Namely, you need to start eating healthy foods and definitely needs to avoid cadmium-rich products.

Furthermore, it should consume lots of natural juices, such as unsweetened cranberry juice and cranberry natural teas, thistle, and corn silk.

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