The loss of a loved one can be devastating and extremely difficult for most people to deal . However, many people believe that death is not the end, and that their loved ones can communicate from beyond the grave.

Mediums, psychics, authors, or even ordinary believe they have experienced something that meant a loved one was close people. These experiences and unexplainable feelings can be a communication signal from the beyond.


There is no scientific proof of communication after death, nor can never be, but there are some signs that appear again and again. One may have even experienced one of these signs and do not know what it meant.

1. They appear in your dreams

This is one of the most common ways that spirits interact with us. Our subconscious mind is more open to the world of spirits, often allowing them to enter.

Dreams involving spirits tend to be incredibly realistic and not dream. Pay close attention to what it might mean. It could be a message from beyond the grave.

2. They smell

When the spirit of a loved one is close, which can manifest itself in several ways. One of the most common ways is the smell. The way someone smells is often the strongest connection with them.

It may be the smell of snuff pipe or perfume, or even the smell of his favorite food being prepared. I appreciate. It is a message that is sent directly to you from your deceased loved

3. Signs at the funeral

According to James Van Praagh, a physicist known, our spirits attend our own funerals. They wander around the room, trying to comfort their loved ones and give them signs that all is well.

Often, because people are so absorbed in their pain, these symptoms go unnoticed. When attending a funeral, remain open to the signs they offer.

4. Your items go missing

may feel like you’ve lost your mind when you find items have been moved from the place that knows they were. It could be a relative or dead friend playing a joke on you.

sounds silly, but just because they’re dead does not mean they have lost their desire to screw you. Laugh it off.

5.Thoughts That is not his own

often discard many of the messages we receive from our loved ones and our own inner monologue. I did it with my grandmother. In many ways, it was the voice of the responsibility that seemed to run through my mind when I was not doing what I should have done. It took me years to understand that it was her and not me telling me to “slow down” when driving too fast or “get off the computer and start preparing or you’ll be late!”

Source: www.psychic-readings-guide.com

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