Spontaneity is one of the important things in life. Constantly has informed us about the importance of spontaneous moment, even when it comes to something as important as sex, probably inclined to think that the best is yet to come without any planning.But in reality, things are not exactly like that. Knowing you have sex is a thrill in itself.

  • Good sex is sex that often have

Frequent sex may increase sex desire.Frequent encourage you to experiment, to finding your sexual identity, for changes, for something completely different to change position. Although various poses are always welcome.

  • Good sex involves (inter) action

Very often go to listen to their best friends with jealousy, while giving you He informs you about your sexual experiences during the last week. Are they really feel so good? Or if they feel good, it is simply because they know better? Sex therapists say that talking is sexy.That does not mean talking about the pedicure or your daily routine at work. Generally not recommended to mention ex-boyfriend … But it’s always good to talk about sex, tell your fantasies, dreams … And if you want to scream – scream

is good when sex is not only fit the bed, and much of couples think that their insecurity in bed – will make up your partner with acrobatic skills. Consider that during the sex of the kitchen table or washing machine are good places to go it.But, having sex is important – do not rush. Whenever you are, you have to give a chance to your partner and yourself. yet there is a place for experiments such as speed, depth, position, time … How can you last?

  • Good sex is (its) private affair

Some believe that orgasm account only if you experience it in the moment with his couple. Or, necessarily you have to have eye contact. Imagine what it looks like when those expectations are combined with, not to say a style.We “doggie” do not want to discourage those who want this kind of sex, but your orgasms, and everything feels during sex is your thing . If you want to close your eyes and bite the pillow, because you will experience the most intense peak, it is your thing – just do it



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