5 Reasons That Will Make You Never Eat Organic Food from China Again

Eating organic may be a smart decision when it comes to the US, but there are five reasons for not eating organic foods from China.

These reasons center around the fact that there is no way to know what you are getting true when food that is labeled “organic” China arrives. The rules are nonexistent, inspections by many different groups and soil in China are performed is contaminated, so it is a dangerous possibility that the food will be contaminated as well. Read on and see why organic does not mean that China healthier option.

China is home to Significant Environmental Pollution

Unfortunately for the Chinese, the soil and water in the country contain heavy metals such as lead. These are typically introduced into the environment by wastewater from industries in the country. This can also be ignored considering the laws say that organic food should not have pesticides added. They not specify that metals can not already be in the water and the soil begins to grow.

Unfortunately, as the US not have this problem, there is no clear limit on the levels of heavy metals in organically grown produce. Therefore, the product of China can be labeled organic and still be very dangerous for those who choose to consume.

Approximately one-fifth of China’s farmland is polluted, so it is more likely than not that the cultured product is not dangerous to consumer health.

Organics are certified by third party providers

Only 30% of China’s products are inspected by the Center for Organic Certification China, the supposed authority the inspection. Instead, the products are inspected by private companies and individual inspectors.

China also does not recognize the standards set by the US because they are foreigners and China does not recognize any foreign standards. There is no way to determine whether organic from China can be compared with labeled organic in the US ..

tags China can not be trusted

labels in China often invoke the organic condition to try to get more money for a product. These labels are easily forged and determined not easily be false due to its similarity with the products that are organic. Meanwhile, the annual renewal process for organic producers skips too often to count because it can cut costs for retailers.

Corruption abounds

The country of China sees a lot of issues, such as the fact authorities control what is shared by the media and on the Internet, covering up scandals and not allow the attention and momentum for change to occur there. Meanwhile, the Chinese regime tries to appear stable while hiding the tragic truth, as the country is dealing with food contamination.

Regulation are not compared with the US

The United States Department of Agriculture noted that organic standards used in the US are much stricter then nonexistent standards in China that the authorities continually failed to enforce. Therefore, there is no guarantee that organic food from China is safe.

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