5 Proven Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

increase testosterone

Boosting testosterone levels is a hot topic among people these days. Some men are looking to increase testosterone levels to increase muscle and gain weight while others are looking to restore their youthful vitality lost in the natural aging process. Some women are trying to increase their libido by increasing testosterone levels. Either way, it is best to use natural methods to increase production of testosterone in the body. By using natural methods will prevent harmful toxins subject to that found in many artificial supplements available in the market today.

5 Ways naturally proven to increase testosterone levels

1. Zinc and Vitamin D3 – In addition to a healthy diet, shown zinc to increase levels testosterone, especially in males who are deficient in mineral. Vitamin B6 and Magnesium also to help zinc absorption and conversion of free cholesterol to testosterone. People with a deficiency of zinc have also been shown to have lower levels of testosterone ( 1 ). So, in turn, supplementation with zinc or eating more foods rich in zinc may well help increase your testosterone levels naturally. Vitamin D3 it has been show in studies to increase testosterone levels ( 4 ). I Recent studies have shown that many Western suffer D deficiency vitamin , which contributes to lower levels of T. If your vitamin D levels are too low may be necessary to supplement with vitamin D pill

2. astaxanthin –

the active ingredients in the supplement, the carotenoid astaxanthin , and an extract of saw palmetto Serenoa repens, reduce the conversion of testosterone to estradiol and DHT. According to a study documented if men take a daily dose of the supplement Alphastat (main ingredients are astaxanthin and saw palmetto extract), your testosterone level rises, according to a study by the University of Yaoundé , Cameroon ( 2 ).

3. lower levels of cortisol –

The director of the stress hormone cortisol is inversely related to testosterone levels. This means that people with higher levels of cortisol have lower levels of testosterone ( 3 ). Man or woman, lower than average testosterone levels are harmful to your health. With low testosterone levels it is possible that you are more body fat, feel more depressed, and are less interested and less likely to want to engage in sexual activity. Certain herbs can help naturally low levels of stress (cortisol), including Ginseng , holy basil, Ashwagandha , and the Arctic root (Rhodiola rosea).

4. sleep more –

few hours of sleep every night can significantly increase testosterone levels. But the amount of testosterone is actually secreted at night? By anabolic men offered this for example. In a controlled study , where researchers gathered a group of healthy men to test their testosterone levels first thing in the morning when he had just woken up. Also gave these men a wrist band showing the length of each type was asleep …

The results showed that men who had slept for 4 hours, had testosterone levels around 200-300 howering ng / dl. Compare that with the guys who slept for 8 hours, had their levels at about 500-700 ng / dl. The results showed that the more, the more testosterone your body produces sleep. It’s that simple.

also study Gov et al. they found similar results. They had 531 healthy men as test subjects, and the amount of sleep correlated with their level of testosterone examined how.

Again the results show that men who slept more also had significantly higher testosterone levels. In fact, the boys who slept for 4 hours had a 60% lower serum testosterone that men who slept for 8 hours.

Researchers from both studies concluded that men with low testosterone levels are likely to be put on hormone replacement therapies too fast, as only one night with lack of sleep can more than testosterone levels in serum Halve …

There are some ways you can improve your sleep quality and increase testosterone:

5. Diet –

Your diet can actually be the most important in the production of testosterone paper. Information The Art of Manliness states that our glands need certain minerals such as zinc and – magnesium – for the production of testosterone and started our Leydig cells needs cholesterol to produce testosterone. Some foods – like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and – can help increase testosterone levels by eliminating estrogen in the body that reduce our T.

The author, Brett says the change more big he made to his diet was increasing my intake of fat and cholesterol. There is a reason why the strong men of the old school would drink raw eggs – Studies have suggested that increased fat and cholesterol intake results in increased levels of total T ; men eating diets usually have decreased testosterone levels low fat . The emphasis on increased consumption of fat and cholesterol meant I got to eat like Ron Swanson for three months -. Bacon and eggs and meat was pretty much the staple of my diet

I know Swanson Do not pass , but for lunch Monday through Friday (and sometimes Saturday) ate a salad. But not just any salad, which was a man damnit salad! I put as much food T-impulse I could in this thing.

  • Salad Mix spinach / spring. This was the basis of my salad. I used green girl organic whole foods. Yes I know. The basis of my man salad came from a company called Organic Chica. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain minerals such as magnesium and zinc, which have been shown to help in the production of testosterone study ( magnesium and another ; zinc study )
  • Meat. Meat, especially beef, provides our bodies with protein you need to build muscle (more muscle = more T) and fats and cholesterol to make testosterone. My choice filling of meat was divided, chuck steak. I grill two of them on Monday and I lasted until the following Monday. From time to time I like to slow cook ribs or brisket use as my meat filling. My philosophy was fattier, the better.
  • nuts. Usually, a handful of Brazil nuts or walnuts. Nuts are small pumps that provide fat cholesterol Leydig cells needed for the production of T. One study suggests that selenium in Brazil nuts boosts testosterone . Just do not go crazy with them. Too much selenium is not good.
  • avocado / olives. Avocados and olives are a great source of good fats we need for healthy production of testosterone.
  • Broccoli. Occasionally I would throw in some broccoli salad. Broccoli contains high levels of indoles, a compound food that has been shown to reduce bad estrogen in our bodies that sap testosterone levels .
  • Olive Oil. I filled my man salad with lots of olive oil. Research suggests that olive oil helps Leydig cells (which produce testosterone) better absorb cholesterol. And as I mentioned a couple of times, our Leydig cells need cholesterol to produce cholesterol absorption T. More = more testosterone.
  • balsamic vinegar. Especially for taste. It is also supposed to help keep your insulin under control.

I bought most of my salad ingredients at Whole Foods testosterone. For the curious, I added all the ingredients and divided by six (I usually ate six of these salads in a week). The cost for the salad was about $ 5. That’s about the price many people pay every day for a crappy fast food.

I was curious what my cholesterol would be after following a diet rich in cholesterol and saturated fats, so they gave me a full lipid selecting a little more than four months after I started my experiment. Here are the results:

  • Total cholesterol: (. Just outside the desirable range of <200 mg / dl) 202 mg / dl
  • HDL cholesterol ( “good” cholesterol) : 77 mg / dl (optimal range is> 60 mg / dl – my HDL levels were very good!)
  • LDL ( “bad”) cholesterol: 112 mg / dl (This put me in . near or above the optimal range of 100-129 mg / dl)
  • Triglycerides 65 mg / dl (<150 mg / dl is considered normal, <100 mg / dL is optimal - mine was downright stellar.)

in terms of raw numbers, overall my lipid screening was pretty dang impressive.

Total cholesterol was high, but most doctors agree that total cholesterol is not a good indicator of heart disease risk.

Things get more interesting when you look at the proportions that doctors use to determine a patient’s risk of heart disease.

  • The total cholesterol / HDL Ratio: 2.6: 1 (normal is <5: 1; optimum is <3.5: 1 was optimal mine ..)
  • LDL / HDL ratio: 0.68: 1 (normal is> 0.3: 1; optimal> 0.4: 1 .. mine was best)
  • ratio triglyceride / HDL ratio: 0.84: 1 (optimal is <2 : 1. mine was best)

So despite hitting bacon, eggs, whole milk and meat for four months still had healthy cholesterol levels..

Putting it all together

So there you have it. We have discussed 5 natural ways that can increase testosterone levels. Of course, it is always imperative that you exercise regularly and stay active. That goes without saying. Should definitely taylor each of the recommendations prior to your lifestyle and needs. Studies can help make informed decisions, but ultimately it will be up to test and experiment with certain things until you find what works best for your personal situation. As always, consult your doctor before attempting any of these recommendations and make sure to track your progress, results and more importantly how you feel.

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