Many people who have difficulty sleeping avoid the use of pharmaceuticals, and focus on the use of natural remedies, such as meditation, tea, banana and even changing their mattresses. If you’ve tried some of these remedies without success, do not despair. You can solve the problem effectively bringing a bit of nature in the house, to improve air quality, and therefore improve the quality of your sleep.
This can be done by having certain plants in your home, especially in the bedroom. Here are some of the important benefits of indoor plants for health:

 Reducing anxiety
 Better air quality
 Reducing stress
 Improved status mood
 improved sleep
 Best odor
 Cold / disease prevention
 headache relief
 improved brain Function

according to a recent study by NASA, here are the 5 most potent plants when it comes to improving sleep

1.Jasmine plant – in addition to improving sleep, the scent of jasmine plant also improves productivity and alertness the next day

Vera plant 2.Aloe. – overnight, this plant emits oxygen treats insomnia and improve sleep quality. Otherwise referred to as the “plant of immortality” is made, this plant can be easily reproduced, and therefore distributed throughout the house.

Ivy Plant 3.English – according to NASA, this easy plant to grow is the best air purification plant. It is very effective against asthma problems or breathing. Studies have also revealed that minimizes airborne mold up to 94%.

4.Lavender Plant -. This plant is very beneficial in treating anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep, and decreased heart rate

5.Snake Plant – this plant filters oxygen, thereby purifying and improving air quality. According to studies, its presence in a room can treat respiratory complications and headaches, avoid eye irritation, and improve productivity.

If successful in purifying the air in your home, you will sleep better, being so much more productive during the day. We suggest you to bring some of these plants at home and improve sleep and overall health.

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